Why A lot more Marijuana May well Equal Fewer Migraines


One particular of the most ancient healthcare makes use of of cannabis was headache relief and migraines. But assistance from modern day science has been thin—until this year.

A study from the University of Colorado, published in Parmacotherapy, showed that the frequency of migraines in individuals who made use of cannabis dropped from 10.four per month to four.6—a quantity that is each statistically and clinically important.

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Mentioned the study’s senior author, Professor Laura Borgelt, “There was a substantial improvement for individuals in their capacity to function and really feel far better.”

Borgelt and her group reached their conclusion soon after reviewing the healthcare charts of 121 individuals collected more than a 4-year period. A huge majority of subjects skilled some reduction in headaches: 85 % reported a reduce, though 12 % had no transform, and a only modest but unfortunate two.five % received the booby-prize of even much more migraines. (Sorry, but thanks for playing!)

Secondary findings showed that distinct cannabis delivery routes had distinct strengths: Smoked marijuana, which hits the bloodstream nearly immediately, was most effective for treating acute migraines. On the other hand, edibles, which take a lot longer to metabolize, helped avoid headaches.

Although this is fantastic news, the study only looked at the effects of cannabis on migraine and not the biochemistry of how it achieves them. “We think serotonin plays a function in migraine headaches, but we are nevertheless operating to uncover the precise function of cannabinoids in this situation,” Borgelt mentioned.

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A different limitation came from a paucity of proof, which is the direct outcome of anti-marijuana legislation. This can even have a chilling impact in between medical doctors and their individuals who opt for cannabis therapy.

Says Borgelt: “If individuals are thinking about healthcare marijuana they need to speak to their wellness care provider and then comply with up so we can track the effect of their all round therapy. Open communication is needed for the reason that we need to have to know how all of these treatment options operate collectively.”


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