Hemp and marijuana are not the trouble


Current articles in the Monitor warning against the legalization of marijuana claim that it is addictive, is a gateway to a lot more damaging drugs, and causes vehicle accidents. The millions of persons worldwide for whom pot has been a longtime pal know these claims are incorrect. They know that medically prescribed opiods are the true gateway drugs. They know a lot higher overall health threats come from two other well-liked and legal drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

Not happy supplying cigarettes produced from only tobacco, makers add additional nicotine and other chemical substances to make them a lot more addicting. That cigarette smoking is a bring about of lung cancer is no longer debated. Fortunately, smoking is on the decline. Cigarettes are nonetheless legal, although, and readily obtainable, in spite of the warning on each and every pack that smoking causes cancer. Can you think about acquiring any other item containing this warning?

Humans have lengthy enjoyed alcoholic beverages. When employed responsibly, beer, wine and liquor are relaxing and very good for our overall health. In excess, although, alcohol is a poison. It impairs our judgment and physical functioning. And with liquor obtainable in so quite a few retailers, underage drinkers obtain it simple to get.

For these with anger concerns, drinking can be a release valve, frequently with violent final results. How quite a few fights are primed by excessive drinking? How quite a few girls are raped by drunken males? 1 could make the case that alcohol can be a gateway drug to violent behavior.

Marijuana, on the other hand, is recognized for its commonly salubrious impact. It tends to make persons delighted they laugh a lot. It slows persons down they drive a lot more meticulously. Pot stimulates senses. Meals tastes far better. Music sounds even a lot more miraculous. Pot tends to make persons much less violent. I have by no means heard of a lady raped by a man below the influence of pot. It is the drug of really like, not war. It is the drug that assists soldiers deal with PTSD brought on by war.

Marijuana and hemp are varieties of the cannabis plant. Humans have enjoyed marijuana for thousands of years. It has a specific affinity for the human physique. Amongst our various biological systems is the endocannabinoid method. This method has receptors that assist regulate appetite, discomfort and our immune system’s functioning. It turns out our bodies are primed to use pot in its many types.

The two main elements of marijuana are THC and CBD. THC is the component that tends to make you higher. CBD has exceptional discomfort relieving and anti-spasmodic properties, amongst other individuals. CBD was small recognized till not too long ago. Inside a couple of years, it has grow to be wildly well-liked, a clear endorsement of the plant’s effective properties.

Industrial hemp, with negligible THC, can be employed to make nutritious meals, tough clothes, tree-absolutely free paper, biodegradable plastic and building supplies. It is a single of the earliest cultivated plants, and was employed by Betsy Ross to make the original American flag. I can not assume of a single plant with as quite a few effective qualities for mankind’s use as cannabis.

The query then is: Why are marijuana and hemp demonized when they present mankind so quite a few advantages, although alcohol and tobacco, with so quite a few damaging qualities, are celebrated and protected? Could their makers be afraid of the competitors?

Tobacco firms are shopping for up marijuana and hemp producers at a record pace. They know that pot will quickly be legal everywhere they want to handle the industry and are on schedule to do so.

Marijuana development and consumption must be legalized in New Hampshire, as in our sister New England states. Marijuana use by minors, comparable to alcohol and tobacco use, must be regulated. The federal government requires to reclassify marijuana, eliminate it from the exact same category as heroin and cocaine, and release the thousands behind bars for mere possession of the herb. It is previous time to recognize the exceptional effective properties of the cannabis plant and, like our forefathers, encourage its use in all its myriad types.

(Sol Solomon lives in Sutton.)


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