Hello Professor Lee,

I’ve been developing for more than a year now and my genetic stock is really restricted. I do not have access to excellent genetics and I just cannot bring myself to invest in seeds on the net. So I’ve been beginning every single crop from a grab bag of seeds I’ve saved from stuff I’ve smoked. My harvests are constantly distinct and sometimes I get a enjoyable surprise. I retain having told that I have to have to get into cuttings to step up my game. I know absolutely nothing about cloning. How does it make a plant improved than developing it from seed?



Hey Malik,

Does cloning a plant make it improved than developing it from seed? The answer is fundamentally no. Taking a cutting from a seed-grown plant will not somehow make it improved. You will merely get a copy of the seed plant and that is about it.

I was in the similar boat back in the day. In Texas in the mid 90s there weren’t any develop shops promoting the most recent strains and off the shelf cuttings. There nevertheless are not. All I had access to was Mexican brick weed and the occasional bit of fire bud that seldom had a viable seed in it. Marc Emery was promoting in Vancouver, but the thought of ordering seeds to my crappy apartment back then seemed risky AF. So I raised crop immediately after crop of sativa. Just after my 1st crop I happily found that homegrown was far superior to buds that had been dried in the sun, crushed in a trash compactor, and smuggled thousands of miles in a gas tank. This went on till I located a single specifically stocky plant with heavier than usual buds. That is when I got into cloning. Just after harvest I rejuvenated her, purchased a improved light and took a crash course in cloning. My subsequent crop looked a lot like these sea of green centerfolds I had drooled more than in books and magazines.

Cuttings are a highly effective tool in the grower’s toolbox, and they are there for you if and when you determine to use them. Right here are some of the pros and cons.


Cuttings enable you to reproduce premium plants on a vast scale.

Cuttings taken from female plants will constantly be female so you do not waste time raising seedlings only to find out that half are male and you have to pull them out.

All the plants will mature at the similar price and make really equivalent benefits based on environmental elements.

After rooted, cuttings have a vigorous head start off on vegetative development more than seedlings.

Just after a crop or two a grower knows specifically what to count on and has a significantly less surprises.


To have a devoted cutting program a grower commonly has to sustain a mother plants to harvest cuttings from. This mother needs a separate permanently vegetative garden. Some growers merely do not have the space for this and have to have to make other concessions.

Genetic drift is a term utilised to describe the decreasing good quality of cuttings taken from various generations of cuttings. Blunders created by the grower get magnified more than the years and the only answer is to get new stock from a wholesome mother.

Any virus or illness a mother plant picks up is passed along to the cuttings and the only answer is to get a new wholesome mother plant.

Cuttings equal consistency and consistency can equal boredom. Only use cuttings with strains you like for the reason that that is all you going to get unless you invest in a new strain of mother. After I got totally established in cloning I constantly had at least two distinct strains to retain points a bit exciting. It is doable to graft various stains onto the similar mother plant(s) to retain points exciting.

Essentially, cutting are excellent but there is absolutely nothing incorrect with developing from seeds. If you like what you are undertaking retain at it. You could constantly attempt beginning a couple of cuttings in your subsequent crop and see if you like it.

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Professor Lee