When CBD Meets California Cool: OC Pharm CBD Critique


Any person from Southern California or keen on the cool culture it includes is bound to appreciate OC Pharm CBD.

It is no secret that the CBD marketplace is saturated with new corporations coming out of the woodwork virtually each single day…and to make it in such a competitive marketplace, emerging CBD corporations have got to stand out.

OC Pharm has that down.

Not only do they boldly stand out from other CBD corporations we’ve noticed, but they’re carrying out points a small bit differently. And we’ve got to admit — it is a refreshing modify from the CBD requirements we’ve come to count on.

What tends to make OC Pharm so various than everybody else?

Let’s take a appear.

All About OC Pharm CBD

By now, quite significantly everybody in the planet is conscious of just how valuable CBD can be.

OC Pharm does not claim that CBD “saved their lives” or any of the other claims numerous CBD corporations make when you pay a visit to their webpage.

As an alternative, their vision is straightforward.

OC Pharm was designed to provide a “cleaner, a lot more pure, and potent medicine for the discerning patient at a competitive cost.”

Essentially, they want their CBD solutions to be “healthier, stronger, and much less costly.”

They’ve teamed up with business leaders and award-winning chemists to build a line of CBD solutions that is definitely various than something we’ve however noticed.

What tends to make OC Pharm so significantly various from the rest?

For 1, their item line is various than other people we’ve knowledgeable in the previous. Certain, they have your normal CBD tincture, but they’ve taken points a handful of actions additional.

Verify it out.

OC Pharm CBD Goods

To us, it appears that OC Pharm is a lot more about the entire vape/dab/smoke culture than it is something else. Which, for some, is the only way they do cannabis in common.

This is not to say they do not have other solutions not made for “inhalation,” but it definitely appears to be their target marketplace.

If you are into the quintessential California cool, exactly where vaping CBD at the beach is how you do cannabidiol, OC Pharm has you covered. They absolutely took care of us &#x1f642

Here’s our take on the solutions we attempted.

CBD Tincture

OC Pharm’s CBD Tincture is straightforward.

It combines MCT oil with CBD isolate to build a no-frills tincture made to be taken with no smoking.

Tinctures are readily available in each 500mg ($39.95) and 1000mg ($69.95).

As far as tinctures go, it compared favorably to lots of other people we’ve attempted. We attempted the 1000mg size. The tincture definitely had zero taste and was smooth on the palette soon after holding it below our tongue for about a minute.

The only factor we didn’t like was the truth that it wasn’t clearly stated on the bottle precisely how significantly CBD was contained in each and every dropper complete (serving size).

We did the math ourselves (which is honestly not our forte) and came to the conclusion that each and every serving size (1 dropper complete) really should include 33 mg of CBD.

Disposable CBD Vape Pen

We’re not going to lie. From time to time, we delight in the advantages of vaping CBD.

Not only is it 1 of the quickest procedures of delivery, but it is in some cases just a entertaining way to consume CBD.

OC Pharm’s Disposable Vape Pen ($39.95) didn’t disappoint.

Vape pens come charged and prepared to hit correct out of the box. We attempted the Blue Raspberry flavor and located it to be just that. Complete of fruity flavor. It hit nicely, was straightforward on the lungs, and developed a fair quantity of vapor.

OC Pharm’s Disposable Vape Pens are also readily available in a number of other flavors with fruity names (consider Fruity Pebbles, Watermelon, Sour Skittles, and a lot more), as nicely as these named soon after popular marijuana strains (consider Kush OG, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookie, and a lot more).

We’re not positive if the vape pens named soon after these strains have a a lot more organic cannabis taste, but that is what we’re assuming.

If so, they’d most likely be best for these that delight in vaping CBD but are not down with fruity flavors.

CBD Candies

Want to take your CBD on the go?

OC Pharm has produced it probable with their line of CBD Candies.

They need to be ordered in bulk bundles (12x50mg), which will expense you $39.95. For the cost, we personally consider it is a quite very good deal.

We attempted the Sour Apple flavor…which tasted significantly like a sour apple Jolly Rancher candy.

50mg of CBD is wonderful for soothing anxious thoughts and overcoming stressful scenarios, which is why we consider OC Pharm’s CBD Candies really should be a staple in anyone’s vehicle glove compartment (as lengthy as it does not get as well hot as this could harm the cannabinoids!).

Specifically if you reside someplace that you are stuck in site visitors on the everyday. For these of you that reside in SoCal exactly where OC Pharm is primarily based, you know precisely what we mean…

CBD Isolate

OC Pharm is 1 of the 1st corporations we’ve reviewed that sells a bottle of CBD isolate.

Obtainable in 500mg ($24.95) and 1000mg ($39.95), CBD isolate is an great way to get your everyday dose of CBD.

OC Pharm recommends sprinkling a dash into your favourite beverage (we added it to our morning green smoothie), adding it to a joint or blunt, or dabbing it straight.

Not familiar with CBD isolate? Click right here to find out a lot more about 1 of the most potent strategies to take CBD.

Other OC Pharm Goods

On their web site, OC Pharm advertises solutions that we assume are not however readily available to the public (as of the time of this overview). These consist of:

Thinking about we’re sold on the OC Pharm solutions we did attempt, we honestly cannot wait till these are produced readily available.

We’ll be positive to give you our truthful feedback just as quickly as we get the chance to attempt them.

Final Thoughts on OC Pharm CBD

We honestly located OC Pharm to be a refreshing modify from the CBD norm.

Absolutely made for these who delight in California cool and favor vaping, dabbing, and smoking (as nicely as these that delight in the effects of THC), OC Pharm has their target audience down.

We can see how this new firm could be incredibly attractive to the masses.

Cannabis culture, soon after all, is on fire.

A single factor we weren’t wild about was that we couldn’t come across any third-celebration lab outcomes. Is OC Pharm testing for excellent and purity? We’d like to hope so. We would like to see test outcomes added to their web site.

This slight drawback was just about forgotten, even so, when we found the “Donate for Kira” web page on their web site.

For more than a year, OC Pharm has been donating CBD solutions to this small girl who suffers from intractable epilepsy and other neurological circumstances.

We enjoy to see stories of corporations providing back to these who want CBD the most, and OC Pharm is carrying out an great job of it.


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