BARCELONA, ES – Europe’s biggest and most extended-established cannabis seed producer, Sensi Seeds, has announced the launch of a new initiative. Sensi Seeds Study, a new branch of the enterprise, is committed to establishing new breeds of cannabis in collaboration with the cannabis neighborhood – a bold and totally fresh method to the organization of breeding.
The announcement was created at Spannabis in Barcelona.  Europe’s biggest cannabis fair, Spannabis took spot in March, a month just before the official launch is scheduled. Tens of thousands of buyers and businesspeople stop by Spannabis every year. The pre-launch announcement was greeted with enthusiasm by this in depth cannabis neighborhood.
Eleven new cannabis seed varieties
The Sensi Seeds Study breeding project presents eleven cannabis seed varieties. New cannabis cultivars have been painstakingly combined with a choice of strains from the extended-established cannabis gene bank that Sensi Seeds is identified for.
For the very first time in thirty-six years, the enterprise is opening the doors to component of its Study and Improvement division by inviting the cannabis neighborhood base to choose and name 3 of the new strains they feel ought to permanently join the Sensi Seeds principal catalogue.
“We are really curious to see what sort of strain names these new tastes and fragrances will inspire.We worth your opinions. We trust your knowledge.”- David Duclos, Sensi Seeds Study Group.
The finest of the old and new worlds
The new breeds of cannabis combine legendary Sensi Seed Bank cultivars such as Silver Haze® and Black Domina® with attempted and tested varieties that have emerged in current years. The Sensi Seeds Study breeders have selected lines from the US with traits of exceptional strength and flavour – feel Chocolope and Fire OG – and chosen other individuals with higher CBD to THC ratios, such as Harlequin and Swiss Dream.
A further very first for Sensi Seeds is producing the strains readily available in packs of one particular seed, as properly as the usual 3, 5 and ten seed packs. Clients now have extra possibilities to choose and mix the genetics they are most interested in.
All eleven Sensi Seeds Study strains will be released in April 2019. For these who cannot wait, joining the Sensi Seeds newsletter will retain you up to date on all the newest information.


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