Province Unlikely to Meet Guarantee of 25 Cannabis Shops by April 1, Evaluation Shows


Ontario is unlikely to meet its target of getting 25 privately owned cannabis shops open by April 1, an evaluation of licence applications shows.

4 of the lottery winners who won the suitable to apply for the coveted initial wave of licences haven’t even announced their places but.

For these 4, from Toronto and the GTA, the deadline appears not possible. The public is permitted 15 days to comment immediately after places are posted. Lottery winners have 5 days to reply to these comments. That is a total of 20 days, and as of Thursday there have been only 17 days remaining till April 1.

For one more 5 shops, the public comment period ends in between March 19 and March 27, which is tight timing.

– Study the complete short article at Ottawa Citizen.


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