Subsequent Green Wave Holdings, a vertically integrated California cannabis corporation, issued a press release Tuesday erroneously indicating that San Diego’s Thorn Brewing had been sold.

Speaking to Brewbound, Thorn Brewing co-founder Dennis O’Connor confirmed the brewery was not a portion of Subsequent Green Wave’s $27 million transaction, which incorporated the acquisition of far more than 45 CBD and THC merchandise.

“I do not know what went awry there, but it was news to me,” he stated.

Subsequent Wave Holdings basically bought SD Cannabis, a corporation O’Connor stated he has been functioning with independently on the improvement of water soluble THC and CBD merchandise.

“Through SD Cannabis, we have a prototype that we believe will perform,” he stated.

The connection with SD Cannabis created soon after Thorn Brewing released a four.20 % ABV session IPA named OG HighPA, which was brewed with cannabis-derived terpenes. That solution, which contained no THC or CBD, was released in 2016 and was created in collaboration with Jetty Extracts.

“Pretty promptly we have been reminded by the TTB that we cannot brew with something that is derived from cannabis, even if it does not have THC of CBD,” O’Connor stated.

But O’Connor was nonetheless interested in producing a cannabis supplement that could be added to many beverages, so he teamed up with SD Cannabis to investigation and create a new solution.

“I was pushing for it, attempting to scratch an itch for what we have been attempting to do with our beer,” he stated.

With each other, SD Cannabis and O’Connor have produced a number of merchandise – effervescent tablets, water-soluble drops and a drink mist – that include THC, CBD and cannabis-derived terpenes.

Subsequent Green Wave acquired the intellectual home for these merchandise, O’Connor stated, noting that he anticipates getting royalties on future sales.

O’Connor also confirmed that SD Cannabis did not personal any portion of Thorn Brewing, nor did Thorn Brewing personal any of the “Brew Bomb” merchandise that have been created.

Related to the Nuun electrolyte-enhanced hydration tablets that endurance athletes add to water and use as a recovery help, O’Connor stated the Brew Bomb merchandise are intended to be dropped into all forms of beverages, like alcoholic offerings.

“You’d obtain it at a regional dispensary, and mix it with your beer or your whiskey,” he stated, noting that the corporation plans to launch the merchandise subsequent month, on April 20 (four/20).

When asked about a industrial application, O’Connor stated he believes organizations could potentially use the effervescent technologies on a bigger scale to infuse CBD and THC into other beverages.

He also envisions mixologists experimenting with the THC and CBD mists.