New Methodology for Passing Employment Screenings : Marijuana


I’ve an upcoming drug screening for a dream job that I’m extraordinarily certified for.

I take Medical Marijuana, within the type of Odorless Oils for a situation that dramatically impacts my considering, ADHD.

I bought Artificial Urine from a good firm with many optimistic critiques, and occasional unhealthy ones. It is the one most talked about…

Realizing this isn’t a full-proof technique, I simply considered one other different method that could be full-proof…

What if, on the day earlier than the check, I drink a whole lot of water, then a QCarbo16, then extra water, after which on my 10th journey to the toilet, I pee right into a fundamental THC take house testing cup you will discover at CVS…

If the Urine passes the check, then so long as I protect it for the next day and get it to and maintain it on the applicable temperature, then technically that will be the last word Urine Pattern to provide. Does anybody agree?


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