Very how Freez haven’t gained international recognition however is beyond me, but it in all probability has a thing to do with the truth that they are way beyond what you may well define as a ‘traditional’ outfit.

Mixing with each other components of jazz, hip-hop, rock and electronic music by way of an in depth reside band, beat boxing and a DJ and MC, Freez have been producing a name for themselves in and about Europe for the final couple of years and have gained recognition by way of a quantity of awards. Their most recent release, the initially massive song of their new EP Frame, lays the phenomenal vocal stylings of Eli Finberg (Mr. E) more than a deep, grinding, bass-driven loop and brings an outstanding collaboration in the type of Mike Ladd.

This is pure, grassroots hip-hop with a distinction and the track is paired with a brilliantly-realized music video from Temple Cache. This paves the way for a spectacular new EP and must hopefully elevate Freez to the level of recognition they deserve. (four.five)

Initially published in Weed Globe Magazine challenge 138

Video/music – you tube