Where’s the Least expensive Cannabis? A State-by-State Comparison


As US states have legalized cannabis more than the previous decade, they’ve made a patchwork of smaller economies. These economies are governed by divergent state laws and separated by firewalls not a single gram can legally cross state lines. Unsurprisingly, then, markets have evolved considerable variations even as they’ve created side by side.

A new report by cannabis information firm Headset explores the variations in cost that have arisen across these state markets. Hunting at Colorado, Washington, Nevada, and California, the report traces cost trends across a variety of item categories.

Where’s the Least expensive Cannabis?

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Of the 4 states Headset looked at, Washington had the lowest typical cost per cannabis item. The aptly named Evergreen State also provided the least expensive typical gram in terms of concentrates, pre-rolls, and vape pens. Colorado came in slightly reduce on typical cost per gram of flower, but only by a hair.

According to the Headset information, a gram of cannabis flower runs an typical of $four.90 in Washington. That wasn’t normally the case. “The initially day of legal cannabis sales in Washington state saw grams of cannabis becoming sold for as considerably as $30, which is unheard of now,” the report notes.

What’s behind the precipitous drop in cost? Right after all, Washington’s 37% cannabis excise tax is one particular of the highest in the nation.

“Washington has thousands of distinct cannabis brands, and a ‘tiered house’ marketplace program that provides retailers a lot of energy to push back on cost,” the report says. “Colorado’s program permits for vertical integration, so even even though it has observed rates come down more than the years, the brand landscape is significantly less hotly contested.”

And the Most High priced?

bar graph of price per gram of cannabis in inhalable forms
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If Washington gives the lowest typical cannabis cost of the 4 states Headset analyzed, Nevada boasts the highest—by far. The state had the highest typical cost per gram across flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, and vape pens.

Tourism could account for some of Nevada’s premium pricing. Vape pens, which are specifically preferred amongst out-of-towners and casual shoppers, had been significantly far more high-priced in Nevada than in any other state. The typical cost per gram for vape carts in Nevada was $96—nearly triple Washington’s typical of $36.

California reigns supreme when it comes to typical item cost, even though aspect of that has to do with what solutions retailers pick to carry. The typical item cost is $30.90, according to the Headset report, which is far more than double Washington’s typical of $15.33. Some of the distinction is the outcome of enhanced compliance charges that came with California’s current transition to a regulated marketplace. “In California, which just came on the web in 2018,” the report says, typical item cost “has basically gone up by $five, but that cannot final forever.”

california cannabis prices in 2018
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Non-Inhalable Merchandise

Price tag trends in non-inhalable products—including infused beverages, edibles, capsules, tinctures, and topicals—were a bit significantly less clear. Headset evaluated cost per milligram of THC in these solutions and discovered that “price trends do not mirror the state trends shown in inhalables.” Variance in rates from state to state was also far more restricted.

Nevada, for instance, is nonetheless on the high-priced side in terms of beverages, edibles, capsules, and topicals—but it had the lowest typical cost when it came to tinctures. And regardless of California’s higher typical item cost, the Golden State has the lowest-priced edibles of any state Headset looked at.

price per milligram of THC in non-inhalable cannabis products
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