On a unique SXSW edition of “Queens of the Stoned Age,” MERRY JANE’s Mira Gonzalez sat down with Texas Cannabis Market Association (TCIA) Chairman Elizabeth Nichols and healthcare marijuana advocate Michelle Taylor, founder of The Zella Organization, in front of a reside audience in Austin. There, the crew discussed the restrictions about cannabis in Texas, and what actions can be taken to transform that in the close to future. 

Michelle, who suffers from lupus, talked at length about how how a stop by from her friend’s “medicinalist” legitimately changed her life, and how CBD topicals and cannabis are the ideal tools for managing her chronic discomfort (regardless of lupus not becoming a qualifying situation below the state’s MMJ “program”). 

Elizabeth — who aside from becoming the Chairman of the TCIA acts as common counsel for Medicine Man, and who also serves as managing director/founder of The Rosebud Group — broke down specifically how the legislative approach operates in Texas when it comes to cannabis-connected initiatives, what bills are at present on the table, and how she got involved in the business.  

To finish the show, Elizabeth and Michelle fielded some inquiries from the audience and gave them guidance on how to push for reform. They also chatted about how accountable journalism can preserve the population informed about the good impacts cannabis has on our overall health and happiness. 

So do not be shy: kick back, unwind, and get woke with the freshest ep of “Queens of the Stoned Age” — the days of marijuana mansplaining are more than.

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