Book Overview – Electric Dreams – Philip K. Dick


Couple of writers will ever have the effect and influence that Philip K.Dick produced throughout his lifetime and his legacy will continue to be the seeds from which numerous fruits will develop for numerous years to come.

Right after the release of Electric Dreams as a Television series a year or so ago, I returned to the bookshelf and re-study the collection which inspired it and I’m glad that I did. There’s anything so timeless about his views on humanity and how he manages to project the reader into a believable futuristic landscape devoid of performing something a lot more than bringing a easy scenario to life, that you cannot aid but fall in appreciate with his abstract visions of exactly where we are heading.

Dark humor, terrifying alternate realities and queries about what it is to be human speak a lot more loudly now than they ever have in the previous and this trip down Phildickian memory lane is an absolute have to for fans and newcomers alike. (five)


Initially published in Weed Globe Magazine situation 138 


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