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As cannabis continues to mainstream, additional “new” customers ask intelligent concerns about the drug. One particular point that absolutely everyone asks – and its an simple to answer query. “Can you fatally overdose from cannabis?” The answer to that query is a resounding no.

The warnings about cannabis are legion. We have all heard them. The drug war spawned a host of lies about the drug. That begins with its “addictiveness.” However for all the scare stories, there is nevertheless 1 “fact” no 1 can prove. In spite of marijuana’s regulation as a Schedule I, it has distinct variations from other drugs in the very same category. This contains opioids and cocaine.


In spite of all the hoopla, 1 point is extremely clear. It is not possible to get a fatal overdose of smoked cannabis.

There is no information recorded on any federal database anyplace.

In comparison, having said that, prescription discomfort drugs which includes opioids, kill growing numbers of men and women each year. This is for the reason that opioids actually shut down the body’s instinct to breath.

Alcohol is also a deadly albeit legal substance. It routinely kills millions of men and women a year. It is also in the leading killer category in each nation exactly where such statistics are kept.

That has under no circumstances been correct of cannabis.

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There is also growing proof that the ECS of the physique has a function in this. In each systemized study of cannabinoids as medication, 1 point is clear. Even when cannabinoids quit seizures, they are functioning to moderate systematic functioning. In other words, they function all through the physique when necessary.

It has been calculated, having said that, that theoretically, it is probable to overdose on THC. This has come from making use of mathematical models utilised to predict poisoning and toxicity. On the other hand, it is at present not possible to consume that significantly cannabis from traditional sources. Kilogram to kilogram, the typical particular person could not consume or otherwise ingest that significantly weed in so tiny time.


By definition, concentrates are a distinctive story. These days, there are clearly concentrates which knock the socks off benefits accomplished by the organic plant. On the other hand, even right here, there have been no reports of overdosing. Burns and explosions are the most prevalent injury top to death in this component of the industry, and are linked to concentrate production. Dabbing has attracted a fantastic deal of criticism as a outcome.

On the other hand, it was not just the United States that has been concerned about concentrates. In each Canada and the Netherlands, this situation was a hot subject of concern for a number of years. Lately, it even led to the authorities shutting down the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 2014. The dilemma once again, having said that, is regulation and administration.

Concentrates are just that. If ingested in modest amounts, it does not matter how powerful the substance is. The user is acquiring a regulated “dose” of a particular mix of cannabinoid compounds that have been measured.

Ironically, for this extremely purpose, concentrates are set to dominate the early EU health-related industry. It began with Croatia final summer season. On the other hand, it also appears that this will be the path of the German industry also. The initial tender bid for growers noted that delivered cannabis could be 100% pure cannabinoid. That signifies, by definition, this is some sort of distilled concentrate. There are no cannabis plants in nature that develop that way.

The answer to the overdose query, in other words, has just been answered pretty definitively by the German government. The rest of the globe will catch up. As written into law, at present a patient who receives even the most liberal prescription, will not be in a position to overdose on the very same.




This is a extremely distinctive query. The answer is yes – and by means of two methods.

The initial is that in spite of the disbelief, people can be allergic to cannabis. These allergic reactions can also be deadly. Most generally this is noticed in men and women who really function in the business. Exposure to THC via the skin is 1 way to absorb cannabinoids. As a outcome, workers who do not guard their skin (and in some instances respiratory passages) when closely functioning with the plant do look to create adverse physical reactions.

There are also customers who have reported extreme allergic reactions following smoking the plant. There is starting to be proof that in reality, just like other flowers and plants, cannabis plant allergies are true.

In addition to such allergies, there are other methods men and women have reported receiving sick from cannabis. This contains allergies not to the plant itself but what is utilised to fertilise it. And how the plant is cured.

Contaminants from pesticides or other heavy metals in the ground is 1 supply of allergy. Mould and contaminants that the drying flower develops or is exposed to is one more supply of allergen.

However, provided the lack of analysis, not significantly additional is recognized. Clinical research are nevertheless far away. Most of the proof has been reported from hospital emergency rooms in legalising states.

For these who knowledge allergic reactions following a initial toke, think about what could have brought on the very same. These men and women who look to be allergic to cannabis as a plant normally only create such symptoms following a period of extended exposure.

For them, having said that, as properly as workers in the business who can not avert intense exposure, there is only 1 answer. That is permanent abstinence.

Such reactions, having said that, are reasonably uncommon. That contains jurisdictions exactly where additional men and women use the drug for health-related or recreational purposes. Most reports of such phenomena in the current previous, also seem to come from jurisdictions on the cusp of legalisation.



All accountable education comes with affordable information and facts from each sides. Right here is the skinny on the adverse side. Cannabis is a drug. It adjustments the way the physique and thoughts function. Like even meals, it can be addictive in particular men and women. On the other hand, when men and women are making use of the drug to handle chronic circumstances, this distinction moves into a distinctive area.

What has under no circumstances been effectively examined is how men and women with underlying circumstances use the drug to handle them. In this, cannabis is extremely significantly as opposed to alcohol and opioids. Beginning with the reality that customers can not overdose. In such conditions, there is often the hope that supposed “addicts” are then treated for their malady. And the remedy could, in reality, be cannabis.

There are other distinct populations of men and women who must keep away from cannabinoids, having said that. The initial is expecting or nursing mothers. The effect of cannabinoids on the creating foetus has currently been shown to have a adverse effect on improvement in young children. The low-THC varieties of cannabis provided to child epileptics appears to fall in a distinctive space. This is the 1 exception.

Simply because of the effect of cannabis on the creating brain, teenagers must also refrain from making use of the drug recreationally. This is for the reason that the brain is nevertheless creating.

It remains to be noticed how older men and women will react to cannabis. There has under no circumstances been a study of the very same. Whilst it clearly relieves discomfort and depression, THC levels could have to be improved monitored. Older men and women with no prior exposure to cannabis may possibly be began on larger CBD strains, for instance.

Additional Analysis AND REGULATION Expected

The bottom line on cannabis is, it is possibly the world’s safest “drug.” It has been provided a extremely negative rap for a extended time. Whilst it is not simple to do harm to your self when you light up a joint, be sensible about your drug use.

There are no situations exactly where men and women have died straight from THC ingestion. On the other hand, there are several situations of men and women carrying out stupid issues whilst higher that ended up becoming their final bow.

If you use the drug recreationally, be educated about it. If you use the drug medicinally, do your analysis. Attempt to invest in solution only from licensed vendors or develop your personal. Appear for labelling. Lobby for improved regulation.

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