The opening line in any exchange of cannabis is so generally, do you choose indica or sativa? Assuming that sativas normally deliver a burst of power when indicas regularly lend a dreamy and relaxing higher, your budtender is operating beneath a deep-seated cultural understanding of cannabis that has shaped practically each market place worldwide.

It was only a matter of time prior to higher-minded curiosos started asking the query, but what tends to make a sativa energizing and an indica sedating?

Ahead of cannabis legalization caught on like wildfire, we lacked the study and information that would inform a lot more helpful organization of cannabis strains. We knew that sativa and indica cannabis strains appear different—so it wasn’t far off to assume that they have been chemically distinct, as well.

But here’s what we know now: cannabis is so a great deal a lot more complicated than that, and we need to have a program of organization that is as sophisticated as the several expressions of the plant.

Prepare to have your planet turned upside-down as Leafly’s principal information scientist, Nick Jikomes, explains how lab-verified information will pave a new future for cannabis—one in which we can discover strains on a deeper level than achievable via the indica/sativa program.

What: Reimagining Cannabis With Lab-Verified Information

When: Friday, March 15 from five-six p.m.

Exactly where: SXSW in Austin, Texas — Hilton Austin Downtown Salon G

Join us to find out how cannabis prohibition created incomplete know-how that impacts customer choices currently, as properly as how legalization is ushering in a new era of science-informed strain organization primarily based on chemical profiles.

Other burning concerns Nick will address consist of:

  • Are strain names meaningless?
  • How can we accurately segment strains primarily based on their similarities?
  • What tends to make lab information dependable and correct?

Leafly is the top voice in strain information and facts, and as our understandings of cannabis evolve, so do we. We’re excited to share with you a glimpse into the future, and please join us in the Leafly Lounge afterward to kick back, unwind, and speak cannabis with the Leafly squad.