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Magic Weed : The Truth About Cannabis Sativa traces the story of the Cannabis plant, which has been recognized to mankind for thousands of years and how it serves us in so lots of techniques. The sacred herb was constantly noticed by Shamans and the ancients as a present from the Creator God(s) of life on Earth. Like meals nourishes the physique, Cannabis offers nourishment for the thoughts and functions it is magic with the soul. Also explored in this documentary is the American connection with hemp, which includes it is ban through the 1920?s and the several utilizes of the hemp plant.

Cannabis Sativa is an annual plant in the Cannabaceae loved ones. It is a herb that has been employed all through recorded history by humans as a supply of fiber, for its seed oil, as meals, as medicine and for spiritual purposes. Distinct components of the plant have distinctive utilizes, and distinctive varieties are cultivated in distinctive techniques and harvested at distinctive instances, based on the objective for which it is grown. Cannabis or Ganja is related with Shiva, who is popularly believed to like the hemp plant.