I genuinely didn’t feel that I would require to make a video on these subjects, But this is one thing that has genuinely been pissing me off lately. I attempted my ideal to stay clear of producing videos like this mainly because I’m not the variety of individual to rant on camera i like to confront challenges head on. But i just had to get this shit off of my chest! I genuinely hate possessing to deal with strict parents particularly when they attempt to handle your each day life. Also, I hate the truth that particular persons attempt to play the yes man in several conditions, But when they are not about other Adults they lastly make a decision to air all the things out and say what’s really on there thoughts. As an alternative of saying what they should’ve stated for the duration of the actual conversation! I do not feel i will be carrying out common rants like this but this was a 1st Lol Hope you guys enjoyed this and hopefully your’e Higher. Keep Higher, Keep Amazing, Peace Out!!!

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