FlytLab Stik Assessment – High quality and Wide Atomizer Permits For Cloudy Hits


The FlytLab Stik dab pen is a extremely very simple, sleek and quick to use pen mostly created for concentrate. Providing powerful and potent hits, this battery has a significant capacity atomizer, permitting for a larger and heavy pack. Although it does have a higher cost tag, its performance and efficiency is presently unmatched.


  • Packs heavy hits
  • Burns smooth and evenly
  • Uncomplicated to use
  • Neat and discreet style


  • Gets dirty simply and speedily
  • Mouth piece clogs up regularly
  • Cost

Suggestions: A reduced cost would make it much more appealing to much more individuals.

This sleek battery comes with a lot much more than you’d anticipate, apart from the battery it comes with a handful of neat products.

Unboxing the FlytLab Stik amazed me as to all the things that comes with it. In addition, the FlytLab comes with the battery itself, two atomizers, and charging cord and dock. It also comes with a handful of good stickers, a compact transportable dab tool and a hat pin! The truth that it comes with two atomizers is currently good, the other merchandise it incorporates is just a plus.

flytlab stik dab tool
The FlytLab Stik comes with a handy and transportable dab tool you can take anyplace.

A further point it comes with is a plastic cover to assist improve airflow. This battery currently comes with a single and is situated underneath the mouth piece. At very first, I had no notion what it was for but when cleaning it I accidentally pulled this piece off. I did attempt hitting it without having this piece on, but each and every hit wasn’t almost as satisfying as with it on.

flytlab stik package
This piece does significantly assist with its airflow and can simply be replaced and removed with a dab tool. I ought to warn you, it is extremely fragile and can break simply.
flytlab stik
This sleek battery has a smooth style that tends to make it very simple to use.

The FlytLab Stik is extremely straight forward, its simplicity tends to make it quick to use. For its cost, I anticipated a much more complicated pen but it actually is not that difficult. With three clicks it turns on and when on, you can transform the temperature settings with just two clicks. You can pick from four diverse heating temperatures, from lowest to highest. A further handy function it has is it tells you how considerably battery it has left. You can inform by holding the energy button for a tiny more than five seconds when the battery is off.

Anything I like a lot about this battery is how it connects and secures magnetically. This FlytLab consists of many magnetic connections, from the charging dock, the heating chambers and the mouth piece. This sleek battery will match smoothly and discreetly on your palm or pocket.

A further function I really like is how the mouth piece is made, it actually does give smooth comfort on the lips. In addition, the mouth piece comes with a cover, assisting stop dirt and dust having inside. The only down side with this mouth piece is how clogged it gets. It does not clog up rapidly but when it does you will not be capable to hit it at all and it’ll just burn your wax. When this takes place to me, I normally finish up taking out a larger glob than I’d anticipate of straight oil, not resin.

flytlab stik battery
Though the outdoors of the mouth piece does not get clogged or dirty simply, the inside of it does speedily.

The FlytLab Stick comes with two diverse atomizers, a ceramic atomizer and a dual quartz coil. Each atomizer have a broad heating chamber capacity, bigger than most wax pens, permitting for major and heavy packs. I ought to mention that this battery does get dirty speedily for each of these coils. As extended as you clean it regularly, it will not clog up or get messy as rapid.

The dual quarts coil is my private favourite for the truth that it offers extremely thick and heavy hits. I’ve normally preferred quartz more than ceramic coils just mainly because of how it hits and how rapid it gets me higher. Based the temperature you pick, this coil does rip and will get you higher immediately. I ought to mention that you will not really feel something at very first when hitting, just mainly because of how smooth it hits. But soon after a extended hit, you do really feel it heavily in your lungs and throat when exhaling.

flytlab stik quartz coil
This unique atomizer might not be as sturdy as the ceramic, but does give powerful and cloudy rips.

With the ceramic atomizer, it offers smoother and cleaner hits. As normally, ceramic coils normally give much more gentle smoke, vaporizing the dabs much more and permitting for effective and tasteful hits. This coil has to be the greatest ceramic atomizer I’ve attempted but on any dab pens. We’ve reviewed other dab pens like the Ceram-x and the Saber, and we believed each ceramic coils gave also light hits. This coil that the FlytLab comes with offers thicker vapor than any regular ceramic atomizer would.

flytlab stik ceramic coil
As for this atomizer, it hits a lot much more evenly and effortless than the quartz coil.

Due to the fact of the wide atomizer it delivers, you can pack a heavy dabs that might final you a when. A function this battery has is the “Flyt” mode, this mode is normally on and can not be changed. All you have to do is press the button when to turn on. It will show a red light signifying that it is heating up and only lasts two seconds. Following, you do not have to press something and it will heat up for about 10 seconds than stops heating automatically. You can take a shorter hit by very simple pressing the button when much more when it is heating. This assists when attempting to be effective and conserve dabs.

On the other hand, I normally take big and heavy hits, which does finish the dabs faster regardless which atomizer you use. Of course, it varies based the temperature you favor but the FlytLab does final a decent quantity of hits. When it is on the highest two temperature, it tends to burn speedily inside three-six hits. Following that, it will nevertheless have some dabs left but it melts rapidly underneath the coil and will turn to resin.

Apart from that, this pen does smell loud when smoking and will leave a powerful scent behind. It will from time to time even smell with just taking off the mouth piece cover or the heating chamber. This battery might be discreet and transportable, but without having a doubt leaves an odor behind soon after frequent utilizes. Disregarding how considerably it smells, I nevertheless consider it is worth it mainly because of how powerful each and every hit is.

The battery had a decent life, typical compared to other peopleflytlab stik charger

Though the FlytLab demands a precise charger, it stands pleasantly when charging. This will differ based how normally you smoke, but personally I went via the FlytLab battery relatively rapid. The battery lasted me about two-three days, which is decent but for it is cost I anticipated it to final a tiny longer. Apart from that, the superior point is that you can verify the battery life and it only requires 1-two hours to charge. The charging compartment is magnetic as effectively and does stand good and straight when charging. Anything neat is how this battery turns off automatically soon after a when of not working with it, helping conserve it is life.

This vape does price $100 which is reasonably high priced compared to other dab pens. The greatest benefit to the FlytLab in my opinion is how considerably this pen packs and how powerful it rips. But if it is worth it depends on preference and how normally you will use it.

If you want some thing rapid and quick, you can locate a $20 dab pen that will get the job performed anyplace. For instance, the G Pen Nova is an economical and very simple pen, but you sacrifice good quality. The point is that it only lasted me a handful of months and didn’t give almost as heavy hits.

In conclusion, the FlytLab Stik is a handy battery that I think to be a single of the strongest batteries we’ve attempted. Disregarding the cost, I do think this pen can be worth it if you are a heavy dabber hunting for a transportable but potent pen. If you favor vaping cartridges more than wax, than we propose the Vessel battery for its smooth and tasteful hits, but I do very propose this battery for these who want to take heavy dabs anyplace on the go. I propose this to every single user that loves dabs as considerably as I do with major rips. You can locate out much more information on the Stik dab pen here!


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