The Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving was suspended final week for testing constructive for THC, so he decided to quit altogether and go right after the NFL and its antiquated guidelines.

David Irving lit up the media a lot more than a week ago when he tested constructive for marijuana on a drug test. This wouldn’t be as large of a news story if it wasn’t the initial time he tested positive—he began his final two seasons with a four-game suspension due to the exact same violation.

The Cowboys defensive tackle went reside on his Instagram account after the news broke out that he would be finding a suspension after once again. The suspension was going to be indefinite and could have simply ended up in him finding fired.

So, he wanted to be a step ahead and he basically quit football altogether.

Unfair testing guidelines

Through the reside feed, Irving came out in assistance of health-related marijuana and pointed out how unfair the testing guidelines are when compared to the likes of these in the NBA, NHL and MLB.

NFL has a single of the strictest drug testing policies in the United States, if not the strictest. It could only be compared to the drug testing policy in the NCAA which is not even a expert league.

Irving’s comments sparked a bigger debate in regards to the rights of the players, and the substances they are permitted to consume.

Here’s what the guidelines are like in other nationally televised leagues:

  • NBA does not test throughout the off season
  • MLB only tests if there is “reasonable cause”
  • NHL tests only if they really feel that there is a substance abuse trouble

Meanwhile, in the NFL, players can get tested at any time of the year, no matter if its throughout season or off season.

Irving went on his reside feed to speak to his fans, and amongst other factors, he reasoned that marijuana assists him with the discomfort that the job carries.

Athletes are recognized to take several prescription drugs, creams, lotions and other types of medication to handle the discomfort made from all that physical tension.

It would look as a logical step for the NFL and other national leagues to keep in touch with the occasions and permit for the use of cannabis in health-related purposes, alternatively of knowingly pushing their workers into painkiller addictions.