Heidi and Dave Curtis believe health-related cannabis could have saved their six-year-old daughter Charly’s life. Now, they’re determined to make certain Indiana lawmakers hear Charly’s story and have an understanding of the life-or-death significance of secure, legal access to health-related cannabis therapies.

Indiana Parents Threat Anything To Deliver Daughter With Health-related Cannabis

Indiana is amongst the minority of U.S. states without the need of any type of legal cannabis, which signifies parents have to threat all the things to give their young children with required medicine. Certainly, Heidi and Dave Curtis did threat all the things to treat their daughter Charly, who had epilepsy and autism, with THC. They risked jail time. They risked losing custody of Charly to Youngster Protective Solutions, which would have viewed their desperate action as neglect. But for the Curtis loved ones, “all these dangers had been worth it if we could assist her,” Heidi mentioned.

And Charly’s parents had been totally certain that health-related cannabis, particularly THC oil, was assisting their daughter. Diagnosed with autism and a extreme type of childhood epilepsy known as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Charly was prone to extreme, extended-lasting seizures. But since Lennox-Gastaut is a form of epilepsy that causes diverse sorts of seizures, standard anti-seizure drugs weren’t operating.

So Heidi and Dave looked into the cannabis-primarily based epilepsy drug Epidiolex. Epidiolex is a cannabidiol ( CBD)-primarily based drug and the 1st cannabis-primarily based medication to acquire FDA approval. But accessing the drug in prohibition Indiana proved tricky, and the Curtis’ had to wait by means of extended delays just to get their hands on Epidiolex for Charly.

Tired of waiting on the approval approach, Heidi and Dave decided to break the law for their daughter. That is when they gave the six-year-old Charly her 1st dose of THC. “We believed, ‘OK, it is not legal right here. But we have to do something’,” Heidi mentioned.

Just after Losing Their six-Year-Old Daughter to Epilepsy, Parents Push for Legalization in Indiana

Prior to providing Charly her 1st dose of THC, Heidi recalls seeing her daughter fading away. She was moving additional gradually, her speech was deteriorating, and the extreme, minutes-extended seizures and muscle contractions had been affecting her developmentally. So when a pal of the Curtis’ returned from Colorado with some THC-infused edibles—a brownie—Heidi pinched off a tiny bit and gave it to Charly.

“There had been no additional seizures that day,” Heidi mentioned. “We gave her a pinch the subsequent morning. No seizures—that complete Saturday.”

Heidi mentioned Charly’s turnaround was exceptional. She was mastering continuously, speaking complete phrases she was bouncy and delighted. The THC didn’t just decrease the severity of Charly’s seizures, it also enhanced her behavior and mood. She was calmer, much less frustrated. Considering such improvement had to be a coincidence, Charly’s parents didn’t give her any THC on Monday. That day, she suffered two grand mal seizures just before lunch.

So, Heidi and Dave reached out to an additional individual who was in a position to provide them with THC oil from Colorado. Without having any guidance about what to give Charly or how a great deal, they began providing her two mg of THC oil every day. Heidi mentioned Charly nevertheless had seizures, but that they had been nowhere close to as extreme as just before. At their subsequent neurologist appointment, they let Charly’s medical professional know about her THC therapies. “I think the comment was, ‘You do what you gotta do,’” Heidi mentioned.

It was settled, then. Dave Curtis would drive by means of the evening to Colorado and return with THC oil for his daughter. Heartbreakingly, Dave was 45 minutes across the Colorado border when he received a life-altering contact. Due to a series of catastrophic seizures that stopped her heart, Charly had passed away that similar evening.

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Parents Think Legal Health-related Cannabis Could Have Saved Their Daughter

So far, all efforts to legalize health-related marijuana in Indiana died in the 1st legislative session of 2019. But Heidi and Dave Curtis, and the state lawmakers who help their bring about, are not providing up the fight. They’re determined to place stress on lawmakers to adjust state law so young children like Charly can immediately and simply access health-related cannabis. But access is only aspect of what Dave and Heidi Curtis are demanding. They also want specialist guidance from overall health specialists educated in the use of health-related cannabis therapies.

“I honestly believe that if we had offered her a larger dose of THC, or even gave her a dose just before bed that evening, that it may well have stopped it,” Heidi mentioned. “It may well have produced a distinction. But we had no guidance on how a great deal of this to give her.”

To lend your voice and your help to the Curtis loved ones, make certain you let your representatives know you demand legal cannabis now. Only continual public stress can overcome the unfounded biases of lawmakers who stay steadfast in their opposition to legalizing secure and powerful medicine. Use this hyperlink to appear up your legislator, speak to their workplace, and let them know exactly where you stand. Let them know you demand action now.