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Want to improve your pleasure in the bedroom? Adding some cannabis could do the trick, according to a new study in the journal Sexual Medicine.

Even though scientific proof about the effects of marijuana use on sexual functioning is restricted, there’s lots of anecdotal claims on-line about cannabis enhancing libido, arousal and orgasm. So researchers decided to investigate, publishing 1 of the biggest research on the challenge to date.

The authors of the study employed responses of 373 participants who all sought care at a precise OB/GYN practice in between March 2016 and February 2017. The survey incorporated queries about all round sexual activity—including how happy they have been with their present sex life, drive, orgasms and lubrication. The survey also asked regardless of whether or not they employed marijuana, if they employed prior to getting sex and how often they partook.

Of the sample, 176 ladies stated they use cannabis.

Amongst these who reported working with marijuana ahead of sex, 68.five % stated that the all round sexual encounter was much more pleasurable, 60.six % noted an improve in sex drive, and 52.eight % reported an improve in satisfying orgasms. The majority reported no adjust in lubrication,

the study’s authors wrote.

Just after they adjusted for race, the authors found that women who stated they employed marijuana ahead of their bedroom activities had two.13 greater odds of reporting satisfactory orgasms throughout sexual activity than these who reported no marijuana use ahead of sex.

It is nonetheless unclear, nevertheless, precisely why marijuana use seems to strengthen sex for ladies. Some authorities think it could be due to the fact cannabis assists to decrease anxiety and anxiousness, therefore rising a person’s self-assurance and willingness to experiment in the bedroom. It could also have a thing to do with the way marijuana interacts with the body’s cannabinoid receptors, some of which are situated in components of the brain accountable for regulating hormones that play a part in sex.

The present study adds to a increasing physique of investigation that shows marijuana positively impacts women’s sexual experiences in a quantity of methods, and could potentially lead to life-altering therapies for female sexual dysfunction. And contemplating that ladies are less likely to assistance marijuana legalization than guys, according to quite a few polls, research like this 1 are crucial to displaying just how useful cannabis may well be for them.