Obtaining identified out I was allergic to soy, I started my mission to search for a protein powder that had no soy. This was no straightforward deed, I looked by means of all of my containers of it, and there greatest day, was a listing of soy in the ingredient section for every single a single of them. I was pleasantly shocked a single day whilst purchasing at Trader Joe’s to locate a protein powder containing no soy referred to as Trader Joe’s Hemp Protein Powder. When I looked at the ingredient and nutrition label, this is what I identified:

&bull130 calories per serving
&bull No saturated fat
&bull 9 grams of protein
&bull500 mg of Omega three
&bull10 important amino acids
&bull It is also gluten free of charge!
&bull It is soy free of charge!
&bull Low in sodium
&bull High in iron
&bull High in dietary fiber

Any a single who has suffered from meals allergies knows it is no exciting. I think Trader Joe’s Hemp’s is good for these allergic to soy or gluten or for these who just want to see if it might make a distinction in their life.

This powder’s taste does take some acquiring use to. I do not know if it is the absence of the soy or the gluten, but it absolutely has a a lot grittier texture than most powders I have employed. I have attempted the chocolate and the vanilla flavors, and the chocolate seriously does not taste like chocolate but it okay. I do like the reality, although that it has a smaller list of components in comparison to some other folks (that taste like candy).

I was also taken back a bit by the quantity of protein per serving in the Trader Joe’s Hemp Protein Powder in comparison to other protein powders. This a single only provided 9 grams of protein per serving whilst numerous protein powders now present 15-25 grams of fiber per serving. Simply because I like this item so a lot, I just mix it collectively with issues like all-natural oatmeal or yogurt ( mixes nicely with creamier products) to make up for the protein it lacks.

If you are allergic to soy or just want a alter from soy an fascinating study is Soy: To Very good To Be Correct-posted by Dr. Joseph Mercola