1. White Sugar, Brown Sugar Weblog

St. Louis About Weblog Find out about adoption education, difficulties, ethics, and suggestions. Generating sense of life as a transracial, adoptive household though relishing in the sweet, sugary moments of mommyhood.
Frequency about four posts per month.
Weblog whitesugarbrownsugar.com
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two. Rage Against The Minivan

Rage Against The Minivan

Southern California About Weblog Rage Against The Minivan is a weblog by Kristen Howerton, mom of 4 kids inside 4 years by means of birth and transracial adoption. It really is a blend of thoughtful insights about household life, sarcastic humor, cultural and social critique, stories and assistance about traveling the globe with kids, and property and style suggestions.
Frequency about six posts per week.
Weblog rageagainsttheminivan.com
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three. Transracial Eyes Weblog

Transracial Eyes Blog

About Weblog Transracialeyes is a resource for these exploring the suggestions of transracial and/or international adoption, whose main raison d’etre is to supply a platform for adoptees to speak with out censorship.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Weblog transracialeyes.wordpress.com
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four. No Hands But Ours | Specific Requirements and Transracial Adoption

No Hands But Ours | Special Needs and Transracial Adoption

About Weblog A weblog devoted to informing, educating and supporting households taking into consideration, in the approach of adopting, or property with their unique demands kids from China. Stick to this weblog for stories of unique demands adoption from China and beneficial sources for households who have adopted or are taking into consideration adoption.
Frequency about three posts per week.
Considering the fact that Oct 2008
Weblog nohandsbutours.com/weblog
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five. Susan Devan Harness | American Indian Transracial Adoption

Susan Devan Harness | American Indian Transracial Adoption

About Weblog I am diversity, of believed, spirit, and physique. As a cultural anthropologist, I’ve written the book “Mixing Cultural Identities by way of Transracial Adoption: Outcomes of the Indian Adoption Project . My book, “Bitterroot: A memoir of transracial adoption, will be published by University of Nebraska Press, due out in Fall of 2018.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Weblog susanharness.com
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six. Harlow’s Monkey | Weblog about Transracial Adoption

Harlow's Monkey | Blog about Transracial Adoption

San Francisco About Weblog Welcome to Harlow’s Monkey, a web page and weblog about the encounter of transracial and intercountry adoption from the adopted person’s viewpoint. Right here, you will come across sources for adoptive parents and adoption specialists.
Frequency about two posts per month.
Weblog harlows-monkey.com/weblog
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7. Ordinary Days Weblog

Ordinary Days Blog

About Weblog An ordinary mom sharing glimpses of her life, like transracial adoption, unique-demands youngsters, and the standard stuff of life.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Considering the fact that Oct 2009
Weblog ourordinaryday.wordpress.com
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eight. Beyond Two Worlds | Musings of a Taiwanese-American Adoptee

Beyond Two Worlds | Musings of a Taiwanese-American Adoptee

Extended Beach, CA About Weblog This web page was begun by Marijane, a Taiwanese-American adoptee, for the goal of developing neighborhood amongst adoptees and adoptive households, sharing info, sources, and private stories connected to international and transracial adoption.
Frequency about two posts per month.
Weblog beyondtwoworlds.com
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9. Light Breaks Forth

Light Breaks Forth

Miami, FL About Weblog A weblog by Lindsay who writes about their every day musings and every day life as a transracial parent.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Weblog lightbreaksforth.com/weblog
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