Hospital Management systems maintains two levels of customers:-

&bull Administrator Level
&bull User Level

This method involves:
&bull Sustaining Patient facts.
&bull Delivering Prescription, Precautions and Diet regime assistance.
&bull Delivering and preserving all sorts of tests for a patient.
&bull Billing and Report generation.

Hospital Management systems can be utilized in any Hospital, Clinic, Dispensary or Pathology labs for preserving patient facts and their test outcomes.

Most important facilities readily available in this project are:
Sustaining records of indoor/outside sufferers.
Sustaining sufferers diagnosis facts, advised tests to be accomplished.
Delivering diverse test facilities to a medical professional for diagnosis of sufferers.

&bull X-Ray
&bull Urine Test
&bull Stool Test
&bull Sonography Test
&bull Gastroscopy Test
&bull Colonoscopy Test
&bull Blood Test
&bull Biochemistry Test

Sustaining patient’s injection entry records.

Sustaining patient’s prescription, medicine and diet plan assistance facts.

Delivering billing facts for indoor/outside sufferers.

Sustaining backup of information as per user specifications (in between pointed out dates).

If user forgets his/her password then it can be retrieved by hint query.

In this project collection of information is from diverse pathology labs.

Benefits of tests, prescription, precautions and diet plan assistance will be automatically updated in the database.

Connected test reports, patient facts report, prescription and billing reports can be generated as per user specifications.

User or Administrator can search a patient’s record by his/her name or their registration date.

All round Description

Objectives of this method:-

&bull Planned strategy towards functioning: – Hospital Management systems functioning in the organization will be properly planned and organized. The information will be stored effectively in information base, which will support in retrieval of information and facts as properly as its storage.

&bull Accuracy: – The level of accuracy in the Hospital Management method will be larger. All operation would be accomplished properly and it guarantees that what ever information and facts is coming from the center is precise.

&bull Reliability: – The reliability of the Hospital Management method will be higher due to the above stated factors. The cause for the improved reliability of the method is that now there would be appropriate storage of information and facts.

&bull No Redundancy: – In the Hospital Management method utmost care would be that no information and facts is repeated anyplace, in storage or otherwise. This would assure financial use of storage space and consistency in the information stored.

&bull Quick retrieval of information and facts: – The most important objective of Hospital Management method is to supply for a speedy and effective retrieval of information and facts. Any sort of information and facts would be readily available anytime the user demands.

&bull Quick storage of information and facts: – In manual method there are lots of difficulties to shop the biggest quantity of information and facts.

&bull Quick to Operate: – The method should really be uncomplicated to operate and should really be such that it can be created inside a quick period of time and match in the restricted price range of the user.