The hippocampus is one particular of the most susceptible regions in the brain to be distraught with status epilepticus (SE) induced injury. SE can take place from a lot of causes and is extra frequent in kids and the elderly population. Administration of a mixture of anti-epileptic drugs can abolish acute seizures in most situations of SE but can’t protect against the morbidity ordinarily observed in survivors of SE such as cognitive and mood impairments and spontaneous recurrent seizures. This is mainly due to the inefficiency of anti-epileptic drugs to modify the evolution of SE-induced initial precipitating injury into a series of epileptogenic adjustments followed by a state of chronic epilepsy. Chronic epilepsy is typified by spontaneous recurrent seizures, cognitive dysfunction, and depression, which are linked with persistent inflammation, substantially waned neurogenesis, and abnormal synaptic reorganization. As a result, option approaches that are effective not only for curtailing SE-induced initial brain injury, neuro inflammation, aberrant neurogenesis, and abnormal synaptic reorganization but also for thwarting or restraining the progression of SE into a chronic epileptic state are necessary. In this critique, we confer the guarantee of cannabidiol, an active ingredient of  Cannabis sativa, for stopping or easing SE-induced neurodegeneration, neuroinflammation, cognitive and mood impairments, and the spontaneous recurrent seizures.