It is been almost half a year since Canada legalized and started regulating sales of recreational cannabis.

Through that time, Statistics Canada has monitored spending on the drug, and final Friday (March 1), shared its most up-to-date final results.

“Household spending on cannabis totalled $five.9 billion (in nominal terms) in the fourth quarter, with illegal cannabis accounting for $four.7 billion and legal cannabis $1.two billion,” reads a Statistics Canada summary of the information. “ Cannabis accounted for .five% of total household spending, and non-healthcare cannabis accounted for 11.two% of spending on alcohol, tobacco and cannabis in the fourth quarter.”

Whilst cannabis is now obtainable legally across Canada (theoretically, at least), it seems that roughly 80 % of buyers continue to acquire it illegally.

Additional down in Statistics Canada’s report, the federal agency offers a hint as to why this…