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Does cannabis make you funnier, or is it just that everything appearsfunnier when you are higher? Or is it each?

Some of the most significant names in the history of stand-up comedy claim that the insights gained though smoking weed have helped them make inventive and conceptual leaps forward. In gratitude for the enhance of cannabis-fueled creativity, some comedians use their exclusive platform to publicly inform the truth about the wonders of the plant and the grave injustices of the war on weed.

Beholden to no a single and cost-free to speak their minds, comedians play an critical function in society as truth-tellers. Quite a few of the very best weed jokes are not about the act of finding higher, but rather the absurdity and hypocrisy that has surrounded cannabis for so extended.

So what takes place when the greatest comedic minds of all time come below the influence of cannabis? Here’s our list of well-known comedians who appreciate cannabis and how they have applied it.

George Carlin


When he 1st started performing stand-up comedy, George Carlin played it fairly straight. He had quick hair, wore a suit and tie, and told silly jokes that relied on harmless wordplay and didn’t upset society’s applecart.

But in private he was currently a devoted pot smoker, obtaining picked up the practice as a youth in New York City, as described in a Playboy interview from 1982.

Grass almost certainly helped me as a great deal as it hurt me. Specially as a performer. When you are higher, it is simple to kid oneself about how clever particular mediocre pieces of material are. But, on the other hand, pot opens windows and doors that you could not be in a position to get via any other way.

Carlin was a higher college dropout who got court-martialed from the Air Force for smoking a joint and taking a nap inside a B-47 bomber. Right after his discharge, he smoked weed routinely for the rest of his life, and credited it with inspiring some of his very best comedic considering.

Cannabis didn’t avert him from delving into a prolonged and hazardous cocaine addiction, but it did assist him climb back out with his sense of humor intact. Toward the finish of his life, Carlin’s cannabis use slowed, but he in no way stopped totally.

For a taste of a master of the craft satirically taking down the insanity of the war on weed though poking exciting at pot culture along the way, verify out this superb bit from Carlin’s Toledo Window Box, an album named for a pretty particular strain of cannabis he was as soon as gifted by a fan.

Lenny Bruce

Additional than just a brilliant, boundary-pushing stand-up comic, Lenny Bruce was a cost-free-speech martyr who faced arrest several occasions for obscenity in the early 1960s. He addressed sex, religion, politics, cannabis, and other controversial subjects in a cost-free-type, improvisational stage setting.

According to Bruce’s semi-fictional autobiography How to Speak Dirty and Influence Individuals, he 1st attempted hashish in the late 1940s though serving in the Merchant Marines, following a stint in the US Navy for the duration of Planet War II. When he returned household, he fell in with a set of bohemian, grass-smoking comedians and hipsters in Los Angeles, a scene that would profoundly influence his jazz-like riffing style.

Quite a few venues refused to book him, many cities banned him outright, and he ultimately died of a depression-fueled drug overdose though awaiting a 4-month prison sentence for telling jokes. But he was ahead of his time and his comedic legacy and influence reside on to this day.

In his personal brilliant words: “ Marijuana will be legal some day, mainly because each and every law student I know smokes it.”

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Published: March 04, 2019

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