As of 2019, Legal Cannabis Has Developed 211,000 Complete-Time Jobs in America

How quite a few jobs are there in the legal cannabis sector? It is a prevalent question—and a single the government refuses to answer.

For the reason that cannabis remains federally illegal, employment information agencies such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics ignore all jobs associated to the sector.

Legal cannabis is the greatest job creation machine in America. Our employment information proves it.

That is as well terrible, for the reason that they’re missing a single of the most dramatic job booms in current history.

More than the previous 3 months Leafly’s information group, operating in partnership with Whitney Economics, has gone state-by-state to tally the total quantity of direct, complete-time jobs in the state-legal cannabis sector.

There are now additional than 211,000 cannabis jobs across the United States. Extra than 64,000 of these jobs had been added in 2018. That is adequate individuals to fill Chicago’s Soldier Field, with three,000 additional tailgating outdoors.

Legal cannabis is at present the greatest job-creation machine in America. The cannabis workforce enhanced 21% in 2017. It gained a further 44% in 2018. We anticipate at least a further 20% development in jobs in 2019. That would represent a 110% development in cannabis jobs in just 3 years.

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Specific Report: 2019 Cannabis Jobs Count is out there only at Leafly. The key report delivers a national overview of direct employment as effectively as indirect positions and jobs induced by the legal cannabis sector. We also supply information about tax income in legal states, development predictions for 2019, salary ranges for the most in-demand cannabis jobs, and guidelines on acquiring hired. The report’s appendix delivers a state-by-state evaluation of market place size, development, and job numbers.

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Development Compared to What?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics not too long ago compiled a list of the industries with the quickest-developing employment figures. Possibilities for dwelling overall health care aides are anticipated to develop 47%. Openings for wind turbine technicians are anticipated to boost 96%. The require for solar voltaic installers is anticipated to develop 105%. These gains are projected to take place more than the course of 10 years.

Here’s the extraordinary point: The 110% development in cannabis jobs will have occurred more than just 3 years.

Federal job counters will not inform you that. We just did.

These States Are Booming

Some states that have had legal adult-use cannabis sales for a when now—Colorado and Washington opened their shops in 2014—are just now seeing the development in cannabis jobs begin to plateau.

Meanwhile, newly legal states, such as Florida (healthcare) and Nevada (adult use), are experiencing cannabis job booms with eye-popping gains:

  • Florida grew its cannabis employment by 703% in 2018, adding additional than 9,000 complete-time jobs.
  • Nevada added additional than 7,500 jobs through that exact same year.
  • Pennsylvania ended 2017 with about 90 cannabis jobs. It ended the 2018 with almost three,900.
  • New York grew its cannabis employment by 278%, ending 2018 with additional than five,000 jobs.

Download the State-by-State Evaluation

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Who’s Hiring in 2019

California, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Florida, and Arkansas are searching for talent—and they require it now.

  • California’s cannabis hiring remained comparatively flat in 2018 due to the disruption brought on by the changeover from an unregulated healthcare program to a licensed, regulated markets for healthcare and adult use. But we anticipate cannabis jobs in the Golden State to boost by 21% in 2019. In raw numbers, that indicates 10,261 jobs with superior salaries, positive aspects, and chance for advancement are waiting to be filled.
  • In Massachusetts, the state’s adult-use market place is just acquiring underway. We anticipate additional than 9,500 jobs to be added in the subsequent 12 months.
  • Florida need to add additional than five,000 jobs in 2019, bringing the state’s total cannabis employment to about 15,000.
  • Oklahoma is the Wild West of cannabis suitable now. There had been zero cannabis jobs a single year ago. Now there are two,107. A year from now, we anticipate there to be four,407.
  • Arkansas is just acquiring its healthcare marijuana system underway, but there’s area for development: from 135 jobs now to 960 jobs by the finish of the year.

How to Land a Job

All this week, Leafly will roll out a series of articles about operating in the cannabis sector: exactly where the development is, what it is like to operate in the cannabis sector, and how to crush that job interview and bring an supply dwelling.