Here’s what’s happening…..

Harvest’s two San Francisco dispensaries boast sleek wooden cabinetry, understated signage and crisp-seeking packaging emblazoned with the company’s sunburst logo.

In the subsequent couple of weeks, the boutique Bay Location marijuana organization is going to court to defend its rights to all of that fancy branding — in certain, its name and logo — against an Arizona-primarily based competitor.

“Our client’s position is that they personal the rights to use that name in California,” stated lawyer Michael Dorsi, who represents the Bay Location dispensary’s two San Francisco outlets, as properly as its Oakland-primarily based holding organization, Cosecha. “The court need to cease Arizona Harvest from employing the identical enterprise name for the identical service in this state.”

“Arizona Harvest” — officially, Harvest Well being and Recreation Inc. — is an older and a lot larger cannabis player founded in 2011 and headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. It is listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange with a market place cap roughly equivalent to $two billion USD.