Cannabis.net got to sit down with Massachusetts CBD producer Berkshire CBD to uncover out what is taking place with CBD in Massachusetts, why get into the CBD sector at all, and what does the future hold for CBD organizations headed into 2019/20!



  •  Berkshire CBD is a exceptional name in the way Berkshire Hathaway is as effectively, how did you come up with the name of your business? Is there a fantastic story behind it?

The mountains of Western Massachusetts that we reside in are recognized as The Berkshires. The location is a attractive instance of rural New England, with compact towns and farms nestles in the rolling wooded hills. Our farm is positioned in one particular of the compact hilltowns of the Berkshires and it is right here that we began the business. Berkshire CBD has considering the fact that branched out into Southern Vermont but the name will keep with us wherever we go.


  • What about the CBD sector at this time, with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, created you want to get into the CBD sector? 

I consider that the timing of us acquiring into the CBD sector correlated straight with our personal individual experiences in regards to CBD wealthy hemp and CBD flower. Like numerous men and women, we had skilled such profound individual results with complete spectrum CBD solutions, specifically hemp flower, that we had been eager to share what had helped us with other individuals. We had been passionate believers in the healing energy of complete plant medicine and we recognized premium CBD hemp flower as the purest expression in regards to the integrity of the plant. We became involved with the Massachusetts state hemp system as a licenced hemp grower and later with Vermont state as a registered hemp processor. We saw that there existed a niche in the CBD market place that spoke straight to our passion and practical experience premium grade, smokable, CBD hemp flower. The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill has permitted us to far better anticipate the evolving legislation about hemp which has helped to lessen the gray location about our sector.


  • Berkshire CBD grows premium grade CBD smokable hemp flower.  For our readers that do not know, what is smokable hemp?  What would a user smoke it for and how is various from smoking say the female cannabis plant that has greater THC levels?

Smokable CBD hemp flower is cannabis sativa that has been bred and cultivated for it is low THC and higher CBD.  In essence, the only distinction involving CBD hemp flower and higher THC cannabis flower, is a legal classification that is primarily based solely on the content material of the delta 9 THC. We contemplate premium grade smokable hemp to be hemp bud that has been cultivated to requirements that are in line with the health-related grade of greater THC cannabis flower. The user will notice a marked distinction in that CBD flower does not create the very same higher as health-related cannabis that can include upwards of 30% THC content material. Rather, the user normally describes an instant feeling of relief from symptoms like anxiousness and insomnia as effectively as some chronic discomfort.  As advocates of CBD hemp flower ourselves, we actually appreciate the truth that it appears to present all of the relief and positive aspects linked with higher THC cannabis but devoid of the a lot more intense  psychotropic effects.

  •  Are you at the moment turning your premium grade hemp flower into other solutions like tinctures and lotions?  Will that be in the future if not currently getting performed?

We will be launching our initial line of extracts at the finish of March this year. These ethanol extracts will be single strain, complete spectrum varietals that capture the integrity and effects of distinct strains of CBD wealthy hemp. We are functioning with an extractor who is also a state certified lab to create a solution that is as close to the flower that goes into producing it as probable. We really feel that a single strain, compact batch, complete spectrum extract will be a exceptional supplying in the CBD marketplace  and one particular that completely complements our CBD hemp bud menu.


  • You develop premium, lab tested, hemp flower with organic farming practices.  What does that imply on the organic side, is it just the soil, or can you clarify the farming practice from seed to packages flower?

 Last year there was no USDA certification for organic hemp for private farms, so all of the hemp flower that we grew and sourced was grown with organic practices on certified organic farms devoid of the official organic certification. We created certain that any flower that we grew or sourced met with the requirements of organic farming practices. To get started with, the soil exactly where the hemp is cultivated will have to be certified organic, and test absolutely free of heavy metals, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Furthermore, we looked for developing practices to incorporate issues like employing compost and organic fertilizer, obtaining pest handle options like ladybugs alternatively of pesticides, rotating crops, and employing cover crops. Luckily, this year the USDA will permit farms to certify CBD hemp as organic below a state system and we are particularly excited by that!


  •  Where do you see the future of CBD and Berkshire?  What will the CBD market place appear like in 24 months and how are you organizing on getting the prime organic hemp flower brand?

We strive to make Berkshire CBD the gold common of the hemp flower market place. As substantially as probable, we program to hold almost everything in-home so that we have the potential to handle the premium requirements of our solutions and solutions. The future of hemp flower market place will most likely mirror the higher THC cannabis market place in that the wide variety and the all round good quality of the solutions will go up in response to a a lot more educated customer of CBD hemp flower. We program to present that informed customer with the highest good quality practical experience out there in the hemp flower market place.


  •   CBD has been in the gray location and now is becoming substantially much less gray with the Farm Bill, what assistance would you give your self two years ago or assistance for an individual pondering of acquiring into the CBD/ cannabis niche?

The challenges of performing company in the CBD marketplace are exceptional and nuanced. Take the time to educate your self, not only in regards to the state and federal legalities of your company and solutions, but also in terms of how to operate inside an ecosystem that demands option options for numerous of the fundamental issues a company wants to operate. Points like banking, marketing and merchant service processing need exceptional options in the hemp sector. Simply because there has existed so substantially gray location in this sector, there are numerous possibilities to compromise the integrity of your solutions and solutions – do not. The future of this sector is going to rely on accountable merchants and educated shoppers looking for to evolve out of the gray legal landscape and into a brighter tomorrow.


  •  What is the greatest error you created in this startup and how would you describe beginning a CBD business in 2018?

In the starting, we let our enthusiasm for the CBD hemp flower sector outpace our pragmatism when it came to setting up the foundation of our operations. Even though that is not uncommon in any new company, I will say that our lack of due diligence in some places led to us possessing to pretty rapidly reassess some of our company’s basic perspectives. Even though we had been fortunate in that we had been compact and nimble sufficient to navigate these challenges, we did devote a fantastic deal of time and sources understanding these lessons.


  •  How can an individual speak to you or order your premium grade smokable hemp flower?

All of our hemp flower solutions are at the moment out there on our web site at https://berkshirecbd.com

We accept all big types of credit card and mail to all 50 states. Any one searching for a lot more details about BerkshireCBD or any of our solutions can also speak to us straight at [email protected]

We normally love speaking about premium smokable CBD hemp flower and welcome the chance to connect straight with these wishing to discover a lot more about this exceptional solution.