Reduce the head off of a teddy bear. Gut the teddy bear and set the stuffing aside. Location the biggest mason jar feasible in the teddy bear and use the stuffing to stuff the legs and the physique about the jar to assist it seem legit. Hot glue the neck to the mouth of the jar beneath the threads. Super glue the head to the best of the mason jar. Screw them collectively and stash it.

Gut portion of a firm cushion and epoxy in a smell resistant box. Then all you require to do is unzip the cushion.. Or Velcro that bitch shut for numerous swift accesses.

In the car or truck, I have a smell resistant secure box that locks shut. Inside that I have leaf in a zip lock- in a Tightvac, alongside a grinder, bubbler and spoon.

In as tiny of a bag as feasible, coated in lube and shoved in my ass… All depends on the occasion I guess.