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Now that recreational marijuana use is legal in California, do you nonetheless require a health-related marijuana card? The answer is yes, no, and possibly. Here’s why.

Recreational Pot Will not Be Offered for Sale Till 2018

That is correct. Even though it is legal to possess and smoke recreational marijuana, there are nonetheless bureaucratic hurdles at play that stop instant obtain.

Particularly, the Bureau of Marijuana Handle has till January 1, 2018 to start issuing for-sale marijuana company licenses. So from now till 2018, the government will be issuing licenses and there most likely will not be any recreational marijuana retailers to obtain from till right after this date.

But do not despair, you can nonetheless continue acquiring pot legally till 2018 by way of your MMJ card. A health-related marijuana card is straightforward to get and properly worth it till dispensaries are far more broadly obtainable.

What Occurs Soon after 2018?

Let’s rapid forward to 2018. Recreational pot dispensaries are on every single street corner – do you nonetheless require your MMJ card? No. You can now legally stroll into any marijuana retailer to acquire edibles, buds, CBD solutions, and far more. But do you nonetheless WANT an MMJ card – possibly.

There are benefits to getting a health-related marijuana card, even with recreational use totally legalized and obtainable for sale. If California is to comply with in Colorado’s legalization footsteps, then possessing an MMJ card might supply you some benefits: (through MassRoots)

  • Develop far more plants, or assign a caretaker to develop them for you.
  • Spend significantly less in taxes.
  • Select from a higher assortment of bud.
  • Bud and edibles obtainable to health-related sufferers can be substantially far more potent.
  • Acquire up to two ounces at when, alternatively of just a single.
Final Answer

Yes, you will require a health-related marijuana card from now till 2018 if you want to love marijuana legally.

No, you will not require a health-related marijuana card when recreational dispensaries legally receive their company licences and are open for company.

But possibly, you will nonetheless want an MMJ card even right after 2018 for additional added benefits like wider solution assortment, larger purchases, and stronger solutions.