*I initially wrote and posted this short article in May well 2018 and can proudly say I am now nearing on my initially year sober. I am thankful for cannabis and the important aspect it played all through my recovery and would completely advocate it for everyone pursuing a comparable addiction totally free path.
The initially point you need to know about me is that I am an addict. Recovering but an addict none the significantly less.
My poison of option for six years getting ketamine and from seventeen till just ahead of my twenty-fourth birthday my god did that demon rule my life! effectively up till 3 weeks ago it nonetheless had a enormous clutch on me and was steadily ruining my life, just like it often had.
Prior to and all through my addiction, I have often smoked cannabis each day as it has often had a multitude of good effects for me personally. All through the years on ketamine I became extra of a solitude smoker naturally due to the substantial amounts of time, I would invest alone. As a great deal as I had by no means lost my appreciate for weed, I genuinely lost my care for what I was smoking which was the total finish of the spectrum from the strain geek I when was. It extra just became about the necessity of just obtaining it there for periods of time I’d be waiting for K or employing it to attempt and sleep, unknowingly smoking crazy robust Sativa’s at all the incorrect instances and not getting capable to operate out why I’m obtaining typical panic attacks or cannot sleep. All since I just didn’t care what I was smoking as my life was so strictly ran by ketamine.
In September final year, I lastly produced the ideal choice to get off of it although I nonetheless had the capacity ( I will not pretend it’s been quick or I haven’t messed up, I’m 20 days clean once more nowadays so make of that what you will).
  But coming off of ketamine and receiving my appreciate of cannabis back once more correctly, the most significant point I noticed was the striking similarity involving the two, So I can smoke a joint of indica or consume a brownie and really feel quite comparable and by no means have to sniff ketamine once more?
Why the hell did I not recognize this like six years ago? You can actually replicate the similar cosmic feeling of ketamine ( to a degree clearly) from just smoking a plant that is going to have nothing at all but helpful side effects to your physique.
I had completely been taking for granted something that was in front of me the complete and fully overlooking that a option for recovery was in my bedside cabinet the complete time.
I got my strain hunting lust back and am forever enjoying the journey of discovering genetics great for the manageability of my addiction and character disorder ( BPD, a subject I will cover late with strains I honestly think to assistance me at least)
I would by no means push smoking cannabis on to a individual unless I believed it would be genuinely helpful to them, But I cannot sing the praises of cannabis in the sense of help to recovery sufficient. But seriously even though, if you are reading this and your contemplating receiving a gram or are about to do a line. Please, show your bladder some appreciate and smoke some Afghan kush or consume a medicated brownie initially!