Greatest THC Juul Pods In 2019


What’re the finest THC Juul pods when it comes to higher strength and cost?

The Juul pen can now be utilized to vape cannabis oil. Juul compatible pods with THC oil inside of them are getting sold legally and illegally.

You can see the reputation of these THC pods on Youtube with numerous persons sharing various brands appearing all more than the USA, like states exactly where cannabis is nonetheless illegal. These THC pods for the Juul vaporizer make it attainable to get higher nearly anyplace discreetly.

Also recognized as weed pods or kush pods, these new vape cartridges for your Juul pen enable you to switch from nicotine to cannabis concentrate.

These pods are comparable to the Stiiizy pod, but none of them hit as very good. One more pod cartridge that we can evaluate with the wax Juul pods are the Pax Era pod cartridges. We wrote a evaluation on each of these vape pen and pod systems, and we suggest reading the evaluation on them as an option to vaping THC oil with the Juul.

The Reddit neighborhood can take credit for Juul compatible THC pods. It initially began with a person on Reddit sharing their practical experience refilling a Juul pod with hash oil and they reported it worked to an extent but leaked.

Afterward, the enterprise hempods surfaced on the web with a Reddit post which showed a CBD Juul pod with a ceramic coil.  This enterprise started promoting empty Juul pods with this new ceramic coil.

We list right here some of the most well-known brands that have THC Juul pods for sale and speak a lot more about them in information under.

One more subject we cover in this short article is how to obtain compatible THC pods for the Juul pen. Not all of THC pods for sale are of very good high-quality, and we will expose the undesirable ones.

What tends to make these vape cartridges exciting is the a variety of sizes such as 600mg and 700mg. No longer are the most well-known sizes half or a complete gram with these Juul compatible pods.

If you reside in a state exactly where cannabis is legal you will not have any challenges at all getting these THC Juul pods.

A search in the bay location on Weedmaps also shows that a lot of various brands sell the pods. A straightforward search on Instagram for THC pods will bring up a ton of various Juul compatible pods prefilled with distillate oil. Nevertheless, these accounts claim nothing at all is for sale. Not all of them have the finest cannabis oil although other folks present very good high-quality.

It is finest to obtain a THC pod for Juul from a licensed cannabis dispensary. Stay away from getting from persons promoting these on platforms such as present up, let go, and craigslist. However, these platforms have turn into the go-to for persons in states exactly where cannabis is illegal.

We suggest you to do your study on Juul pods that we might not have pointed out prior to placing your well being at danger.

You can come across some of the finest-prefilled cartridges in Cali due to the fact it is legal to obtain in this state. The most well-known hash oil cartridge is the 510 thread connection form.

Make no blunders the Juul pen gains reputation quickly due to the fact it tends to make THC pods compatible and that is an fascinating industry for any enterprise in the oil industry. The Juul pen has now turned into a viral solution for vaping cannabis oil.

Gas pods

The Juul pen might be out there all more than the USA, but this Gas pod for it is only out there in California. You can come across these wax Juul pods in the Los Angeles location.

The creators are Gaswoods, recognized for promoting backwoods rolled with cannabis and various concentrates. Gaswoods have a substantial quantity of followers on their Instagram web page with at present 48,000 fans. They have wax Juul pods with 700mg of THC oil inside of it.

Kushie Brand

kush pods

The THC oil content material is a minimum of 90% according to the label on the Kushie packaging. Their compatible Juul pods with hash oil are out there on Weedmaps, and they have an outstanding four.9/five all round rating from 506 critiques. Not to be confused with Kushy Punch, an additional oil cartridge brand that also sales edibles.

It is low-cost and effortless to make specialist seeking packaging for THC Juul pods. This has helped the black industry make solutions that appear specialist. We identified some solutions that have tiny to no info about them. Any of these pods with THC oil inside of them are not the high-quality you will want.

Off White

off white Juul pod

This brand is a great instance of wax Juul pods for sale that cannot be trusted. There is no lab test out there or any other info about them.

I identified Off White Juul pods with hash oil from a cannabis delivery service menu on Weedmaps. Nevertheless, they did not have a Weedmaps brand web page. Typically, a reliable cannabis brand will have a web page on Weedmaps.

H2 Gold

The H2 Gold pods for Juul can be regarded a black industry solution. There is no way to come across out who produced it or if its clean from pesticides. The packaging for H2 Gold THC pods might appear good with their holographic art, but the solution itself might not be appropriate. These THC pods come with 700mg of cannabis oil.

Drip Extracts

They have some of the nicest packagings for any Wax Juul pod on the industry. The hash oil is clear with just a hint of yellow. I would suggest staying away from these certain wax Juul pod cartridges due to the fact they might leak or have barely any THC content material. There’s also a possibility the THC oil can have pesticides. The black industry has proved to be nothing at all a lot more than a platform for criminals to profit off unexpecting victims.

At the moment, there are not as well numerous reliable brands which sell prefilled THC Juul pods at the moment. Several pods include impurities or significantly less THC than advertised.

Juul pods for sale in illegal states are most likely do not have the finest concentrate inside. We’ve observed numerous sellers on social media attempting to lure persons into getting wax pods.

new Juul battery
Empty Juul pods are for sale with ceramic coils and can be refilled with cannabis oil such as distillate.

In addition to the list of THC pods we pointed out above that are untrustworthy, there are extra Juul compatible pod cartridges that you should really as well.

The cannabis oil cartridge industry is flooded by the black industry wax pods that perform with the Juul vape pen. You can even come across Juul pen rip-offs for sale at costs reduced than the original Juul pen.

supreme g juul pods

Supreme G Juul pods – These wax pods for the Juul pen are identified in the Los Angeles location. They have a decent following on Instagram with eight,400 persons. There are complaints about Supreme G pods leaking the cannabis oil and other folks claiming it is the finest.  People have also commented about a weird aftertaste from vaping these pods.


This brand has a good following on Instagram with 12,000 persons. They present 600mg size compatible Juul pods. The enterprise Barewoods produces these J-pods, and you can come across them on Weedmaps. Sadly the do not have an official site.

The critiques on their Weedmaps web page are largely constructive their all round rating is fantastic with a four.eight/five out of 297 critiques.

Dank Tank

weed juul pod

Dank Tanks – One more THC pod cartridge brand that is compatible with the Juul pen. They have an official site in contrast to numerous other folks promoting these prefilled THC oil pods. Dank Tanks Instagram has 20,000 followers appropriate now. The distillate oil appears super clear and charges $50 for a half gram. Their packaging stats they use a  complete spectrum extract.

Kushie Brand

best THC pod for juul

The finest wax Juul pods are in California. These identical pods are so well-known they are getting exported to states exactly where cannabis oil is nonetheless illegal. They have a brand web page on Weedmaps, and the feedback from their customer’s critiques are largely constructive praising this brand for its higher-high-quality THC oil. The label on this THC pod is 90% without having any actual proof to prove this statement.

Space Vape

space vape thc juul pods

This brand produced a name for themselves with their oil cartridges prior to releasing these new pods. Their official site is, and it is a straightforward web-site with only access to one particular lab test outcomes completed lately. We are going to verify with the lab if their test outcomes are genuine and report back as soon as we come across out. Till then we cannot take their lab test outcomes significant due to the fact of other folks generating fake ones.

Exotic Carts

juul weed pods

Exotic carts cartridges are for sale in states all more than the USA. They originated from Los Angeles and it is one particular of the most well-known black industry carts for sale. Their cannabis oil is not recognized for getting clean but its potent adequate to lead to demand for it. They only lately transitioned into the Juul compatible pods at the finish of final year.

Their prefilled wax Juul pods have some good packaging comparable to their carts and claim 90%+ THC content material. It is crucial not to take these stats significant as numerous of these brands claiming to be this higher, but we all know that THC carts that get sold legally do not have such a higher THC content material. The higher amounts of THC on these vape pods are utilized as a tool to sell their solutions.

Greatest Wax Juul Pods In 2019 Conclusion

The Juul pen is exceptionally well-known, in particular amongst the younger generation. While this vape pen is one particular of the most well-known options for vaping, it is not the finest (by far). Wax Juul pods will get the job carried out if the THC content material is higher adequate.

The ceramic coil Juul pods do not hit as very good as the normal CCELL cartridges. There are various models of the CCELL cartridges, but all of them are superior to the ceramic coil Juul pod.

When we listed a lot of good Wax Juul pod choices, we suggest a CCELL 510 connection vape cartridge to consume your oil. The hits from Juul pods are not as smooth compared to the CCELL. A lot of persons have reported harsh hits working with Juul pods. One more challenge is that the Juul pods do not present as smooth and massive hits.

We suggest checking out our newly designed finest THC oil cartridges in 2019. Right here we compiled a large list of the most well-known prefilled oil carts. These new Juul compatible pods with hash oil might be tempting to obtain, but the truth is that most of them are not higher-high-quality solutions. We will continue to update our list of the finest THC Juul pods in 2019 as we find out new brands.

Please let us know about any new wax Juul pod that we have not pointed out.


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