In much less than ten years Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin took a promoting and branding agency specializing in the cannabis business and turned it into a multi-million dollar publicly traded corporation identified these days as MedMen. Collectively the two young entrepreneurs strived to develop the ultimate retail expertise for the cannabis customer, comparable to what Starbucks had accomplished for the coffee business. Just after acquiring 19 facilities all through four states and amassing additional than 800 workers, MedMen was ready to take more than the cannabis business with their small business model…and then came the lawsuits.


In 2009, Adam and Andrew made a promoting and branding agency focusing on the cannabis business, and 1 year later the two opened their first dispensary named “Treehouse” located in Marina Del Ray. Just after experiencing the difficult licensing approach, they quickly added a consulting agency to their increasing small business portfolio to assistance other tiny small business owners getting into the cannabis business. In 2012, Adam pitched the concept of qualified management teams for license holders comparable to the liquor business, and MedMen management is born. 2015 marked the year they opened their initially official “MedMen” storefront in West Hollywood, and by 2018 the pair completed the biggest marijuana-connected acquisition in U.S. history by getting PharmaCann, a health-related cannabis distributor, for $682 million. This multi-million dollar deal proficiently doubled the quantity of states MedMen could operate in by expanding the firm’s attain to 12 states with 66 retails retailers and 13 cultivation facilities. In a news release concerning the merger, Adam Bierman stated, “This is a transformative acquisition that will develop the biggest U.S. cannabis corporation in the world’s biggest cannabis industry.”

MedMen founders Andrew Modlin and Adam Bierman

From print advertisements to billboards, MedMen was everywhere. On each and every corner their aggressive promoting campaign was paving the way for their new storefront model, but exactly where did they go incorrect? A lawsuit lately filed against the corporation has shed light on the turmoil that has been brewing inside the corporation and exposing some of their shady small business techniques. Very first, there have been the accusations filed by former workers on November 16, 2018, in California Superior Court in Los Angeles County claiming the following:

  • they failed to spend their workers for the complete quantity they worked,
  • they did not present all mandatory meal and rest breaks,
  • they “intentionally failed” to spend workers appropriately below California law,
  • Did not maintain precise records of employ hours.

In January 2019, MedMen was slapped with their second lawsuit, this one by The Inception Corporations, a cannabis actual estate firm whose founders personal 10% of MedMen. They are asking for $19.eight million and allege that executives Bierman and Modlin of conducting backdoor offers and paid themselves millions of dollars in bonuses. “Beneath the MedMen veneer is a complicated net of interconnected subsidiary entities, practically all of which are straight managed, directed, controlled and owned by Bierman and Modlin, and all of which constantly pursue the finest interests of Bierman and Modlin, rather than the finest interests of any stakeholder or entity,” the suit charges.

This suits accusations contain: 

  • Bierman and Modlin have frozen the plaintiffs’ shares in MedMen till November 2019, although enabling other investors to partially money out their investments, 
  • Bierman and Modlin paid themselves multimillion-dollar bonuses and salaries,
  • Bierman and Modlin inflated MedMen’s enterprise worth in the fall of 2018 in connection with equity financing offers and the PharmaCann acquisition pointed out above, to trigger $four million in money bonuses for themselves and best execs.

On best of all this, there is now a third lawsuit becoming filed by the company’s former Chief Economic Officer, James Parker. His list of complaints includes profligate spending of corporation funds for their personal private advantage, questionable corporation efforts to prop up MedMen’s stock, falsifying Parkers signature on a securities form and developing a hostile function atmosphere with racial slurs and misogynistic epithets.

MedMen Clothing and apparel for the cannabis consumer
MedMen Clothes and apparel

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 In a public statement, Daniel Yi, MedMen’s senior vice president of corporate communications, stated that the claims have been “frivolous” and “meritless.” Amounting to millions of dollars in retribution charges and legal charges 1 business insider indicates that these trails are probably to get held up in court and take months or years ahead of they are ultimately resolved. Fighting so a lot of lawsuits can be expensive for a young corporation, but with the current launch of MedMen’s clothes line, it does not seem they are also concerned with scaling back.  Is MedMen headed for a catastrophe or will the bloating continue to prop the corporation up with fresh investments to additional what appears additional and additional like a Ponzi scheme? Leave a comment with your thoughts as we continue our investigation.