To date, health-related marijuana is legalized in the United States in 30 states which includes the following:

Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connectiut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusets, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hamshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota , Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and West Virgina.

Every single of these states have their personal regulations and suggestions relating to use and qualifications.

Right here in Florida, the Healthcare Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also identified as Amendment two, passed on November eight, 2016 for certified sufferers beneath the supervision of a certified and licensed marijuana medical professional. In addition, this amendment passed with a total of six,518,919 (71.32%) YES votes and two,621,845 (28.68%) NO votes.

The federal government has reclassified Marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug generating it illegal for medical doctors to prescribe marijuana to their sufferers. These marijuana medical doctors can only make suggestions for health-related cannabis in compliance with the state law which can be valid up to 1 year. Individuals can not go to a pharmacy to fill a prescription for health-related marijuana.

Beneath strict regulations, health-related marijuana medical doctors are prohibited to be affiliated with any health-related cannabis distributors or dispensaries.

Only specific sufferers with "debilitating ailments" are afforded legal protection beneath this amendment. Ailments classified beneath its provision consist of PTSD (Post Traumatic Anxiety Disorder), Chronic muscle spasms, Many Sclerosis, Seizures, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Crohn's Illness, Cancer, HIV / Aids, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's Illness and Parkinson's Illness.

Though the above ailments have been indicated as "primary debilitating situations", beneath this provision, Amendment two also stated: "or any other ailment / situation of related severity / symptoms, as determined by a doctor's opinion that the health-related use of marijuana would outweigh any prospective well being dangers ".

There are presently about 56 identified and listed marijuana medical doctors on Florida.

Much more details and specifics relating to this subject can also be obtained from the web site of the Florida Division of Wellness ( http://www.floridahealth.gov ) on how to grow to be a health-related marijuana patient in Florida. Much more in-depth details about Amendment two can also be discovered right here.


A couple of months ago, I came across a video on Facebook about a man with Parkinson's illness who was provided a shot of health-related cannabis. The prior to and following videos have been really impressive. Ahead of the remedy, you can see this man's important tremors, stuttering and abnormal posturing. The following video showed a quite diverse individual. His speech was intelligent and audible. He had no stuttering, tremors and he showed quite controlled movements. This man was walking and speaking as any typical individual would. He also shared how it has enhanced his top quality of life.

As a physical therapist with exposure to numerous cultural backgrounds, I personally have mixed feelings about health-related cannabis. As a healthcare qualified even so, it is really an epiphany to witness one particular of my patient's important modify with health-related cannabis use.

Mr. JL with Parkinson's Illness

For more than 5 years, Mr. JL has been coming to me for physical therapy remedy off and on for challenges brought on by his Parkinson's illness. Understanding the progressive nature of the illness, I watched this gentle soul deal with the effects of this debilitating affliction. His key physicist would refer him for remedy when he begins to create weakness, rigidity, tremors and most of all, balance challenges exactly where he reported falls at house.

We would see him for a period of about six to eight weeks every single time. We worked on enhancing his coordination, strength, flexibility and balance for the key goal of maintaining him protected and self enough at house as he lives alone. It is also to retain from falling which predisposes him to a lot more serious flaws and complications.

The Alter

About a couple of weeks ago, he came to the workplace to schedule for Physical Therapy as he was referred once more by his medical professional. Getting worked with this patient via the years, I was attempting to figure out what changed in him. I looked, and observed intentionally as I did my initial evaluation. He may perhaps have noticed the curiosity that was nagging me for the reason that he gave me a understanding smile. No longer in a position to include my curiosity, I asked him: "Mr. J, what have you been up to?" Mr. J just laughed and asked me why the curiosity!

Nicely, it ultimately dawned on me that. J. barely had no tremors on his ideal hand exactly where he utilised to exhibit the common pin-rolling tremors of this illness. His neck was aligned and was not shifted towards the ideal side. In addition, his speech was clear! A different issue that stuck me was that he was walking improved. Not wonderful, but he was in a position to turn about with out possessing to shuffle which I have noticed him do for years.

He ultimately shared with me that he began taking health-related cannabis for more than a month as advised by his neurologist. A buddy of his allegedly talked about to him a video on Facebook about a man with serious Parkinson's illness. This man received a shot of health-related cannabis and the modify was visible following only a couple of minutes. This apparently prompted him to seek the advice of with his key doctor and then his neurologist.

The modify I have noticed with Mr. J following only more than a month of getting on health-related cannabis is important. His speech enhanced. His voice deeper and a lot more audible. He had no stuttering and he had a lot more handle of his ideal hand than pretty much a non-current tremor. He is also standing straighter. His balance and coordination have enhanced, even a lot more so with the sophisticated balance retraining he is presently getting.

For the duration of his therapy sessions, Mr. J could bounce a ball on the floor more rapidly with improved accuracy. We saw him throw and catch a ball in standing with out any one holding on to him. We utilised to have somebody stand behind and hold him as he had slow reactions and reflexive responses. His walking also enhanced. Just months ago, he would drag his ideal foot and walked with quite brief shuffling measures. He would drop his balance with the slightest try to turn about or lift his leg larger to stand on one particular leg.

These seemingly subtly alterations in him for just about more than a month of employing health-related cannabis has produced a distinction in his life. He shared that he feels a lot more relaxed and is significantly less anxious about falling. He can do straightforward property chores with a lot more self-assurance and he is in a position to tolerate a lot more sophisticated therapeutic workout routines throughout his physical therapy sessions. He does not really feel as tired and is in a position to do a lot more tasks all through the day.

Mr. J is nevertheless on this journey and wanted to share this practical experience and for me to inform his story. Understanding him and his background, he is not the sort of individual who would take marijuana indiscriminately for mere recreation and self indulgence.

About JL

Mr. J is initially from Central New York and has moved to Florida. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Illness roughly seven (7) years ago. It utilised to be a designer for a quite prestigious Syracuse China manufacturer which prospects consist of the White Property, five star hotels and prestigious restaurants. He also was a member of a Barber Shop Quartet as a tenor for the SPEBSQSA (Society for the Preservation and Encourage of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America) and has been on a number of amateur Broadway shows in New York. He was an art teacher to middle college students teaching drawing.

His life changed when he was known as to ministry in some cases in 1986. He became involved with a healing ministry which he revealed was largely with people today who had tumors. He has traveled abroad to expand his healing ministry. This has garnered so considerably focus that even the media noticed and did a number of coverage on his ministry. He is now retired and lives in Palm Bay Florida.

It is a privilege to know this particular individual who has carried out so considerably throughout his younger days. He has devoted so considerably time and commitment to assisting other individuals. I deeply appreciate the humanitarian service. J has rendered and how his ministry has touched so lots of lives. I contemplate him one more unsung hero of his time.

His willingness to have me share a snippet of his story is a privilege. In addition, to be in a position to perform with him to additional his progress and see his motivation and determination via the years is a quite inspiring practical experience.

Mr. JL's private battle with Parkinson's Illness.

Mr. J as he shared, was officially diagnosed with Parkinson's Illness some seven years ago. He has been beneath the care of a medical professional of Internal Medicine practicing in Palm Bay, Florida.

About Parkinson's Illness

As described by the Mayo Clinic employees: "Parkinson's Illness is a progressive illness of the nervous technique that impacts targeted traffic. illness, the disorder also generally causes stiffness or slowing of movement. "

Subsequent effects of the illness consist of the following: expressionless face also identified as masked facies or hypomimia and decline in speech top quality that can be slurred, soft, even stuttering. These are quite typical in sufferers I have worked with. A patient's walking capability is also impacted. There is loss of arm swing from trunk rigidity, stiffness and shuffling measures from resulting incoordination.

Sadly, this illness is progressive and existing drugs are aimed to increase the symptoms but not necessarily a remedy.

There are presently lots of ongoing researches for remedy which includes surgery to regulate specific regions of the brain and electrostimulation.

Nonetheless, there is no common remedy for remedy at this time, as per the National Parkinson Foundation.

In addition, medication, way of life modification, exercising and rest are advised.

Medicines Prescribed

Existing drugs prescribed consist of the following: Carbidopa-Levodopa, Carbidopa-Levodopa infusion, Dopamine Agonists, MAO-B inhibitors, Catechol-O-Methyltransferase (COMT Inhibitors), Anticholinergics and Amantadine. -Supply: The Mayo Clinic Organization

Parkinsons and Surgery

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) ia process exactly where electrodes are implanted in distinct regions of the brain with a generator implanted in the chest region close to the collarbone which sends out impulses to the brain aimed at decreasing the symptoms. It is not a remedy even so and there are lots of dangers and side effects involved. Each the medication and DBS will not cease the progress of the illness.

Parkinson's and Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists get to perform with these sort of sufferers throughout the diverse stages of the illness. This is mainly for the reason that of the functional decline resulting from incoordination, dyskinesias (involuntary movements) and rigidity which tends to make purposeful and spontaneous movements quite tedious.

These challenges can make even the most simple functions as feeding, grooming and toileting quite hard. Walking becomes quite unsteady. Shuffling gait is quite typical exactly where it is hard for them to make the 1st step (for the reason that of bradykinesia – quite slow movement) but as soon as they go, it is also quite hard to cease. Lots of of these sufferers are at a higher threat for falling and a significant quantity throughout the sophisticated stages becoming completely dependent for care.

When referred to Physical Therapy, patient education relating to suitable workout routines, movement techniques, process modification, gait coaching and fall prevention techniques are a component of the all round program of care and functional intervention. They are also frequently referred to Speech Therapy for speech and feeding challenges, and to Occupational Therapy for simple self care and hand or upper extremity functions.

Mr. J's Battle

I 1st worked with Mr. J about five years ago. Though he was not on the sophisticated stages of the illness at that time, he currently identified the key visible symptoms of the illness: Hand and neck tremors, masked facies, rigidity and important incoordination. He walked quite slow, was shuffling and took a lengthy time walking even from area to area as he was unable to make speedy turns. When he does turn, he tends to drop his balance and fall. His reflexes have been quite slow. He could hardly catch a ball or bounce it. His speech was slurred, barely audible and he had a stutter. He had difficulty receiving up and down straightforward curves and stairs. He had fallen a couple of instances from balance concerns.

Mr. J persevered with the physical therapy system and was constantly quite motivated. For every single of the episodes that he was referred to us via the years, he constantly showed improvement and constantly followed via with the distinct exercising system we prescribed. Due to the progressive nature of the illness even so, he would have a physical decline and we had to perform with him once more.

He shared the story of how he 1st noticed the modify in him from Parkinson's. Foremost he stated was when he was teaching drawing to middle college students in his art class in New York. He mentioned that he was progressively possessing difficulty drawing and employing his ideal hand as he had created tremors. The rest followed which includes a modify in his facial expression, rigidity and feeling stiff all the time.This became progressively worse via the years till his move to Florida.

When beneath the care of an intern, he was prescribed Sinemet and other medicines which he had taken via the years.

The final time I saw him for remedy was in early 2016 exactly where he had important tremors on his ideal hand and an involuntary twitching in his neck. His masked facies had progressed, his face pretty much droopy and he was walking with so considerably shuffling and difficulty. He was barely in a position to move one particular foot in front of the other. He also reported of falls for the reason that of worsening balance challenges.

This was why when I saw him in March of this year, I saw the important modify in him which he attributed to health-related cannabis.

Healthcare Cannabis: Capsules and Gummies

He additional shared his story. Upon hearing about the prospective positive aspects of health-related cannabis for Parkinson's illness, he consulted with his key doctor who directed him for additional seek the advice of with his neurologist. His neurologist advised attempting health-related cannabis due to the advancing nature of his Parkinson's illness.

Mr. J then got began on health-related cannabis capsules exactly where he mentioned it contained about 30 pieces of 25 mg capsules. This price him about $ 80 or so which includes shipping. With his shipment came a sample pack of the gummies version of about five gummies in a pack. The capsules have been bitter, according to him and he took 1 capsule every day.

He added that following taking the 1st capsule ever, he felt so relaxed and calm. He could move about, get in and out of bed less difficult, get in and out of his chair improved. He also noticed that his tremors have been considerably significantly less that 1st time.

Mr. J stated that he liked the cannabis gummies improved as it tasted considerably like candy and was tastier than the capsules. Even a lot more so, the impact of the gummies appeared considerably more rapidly than that of the capsules and was considerably more affordable. The capsules per piece costed about $ three every single and the gummies would quantity to about $ 1 a piece he added.

So as to mimic the impact of the gummies, Mr. J mentioned he attempted melting the capsule beneath his tongue to take off the edge of its bitterness. He also chewed common gummy bear candy. This worked for him.

To date, Mr. J continues with physical therapy exactly where we see him improved in a position to tolerate and execute higher level balance coaching tasks that he was unable to do so prior to. He has quite small to no tremor on his ideal hand, he no longer exhibits the twitching on his neck, and his reflexes enhanced. I see this by his capability to make a turn and not drop his balance. We do not have to hold him when he catches, throws or builds a ball to increase his protective righting reflexes important for him not to fall. he can lift his feet larger when walking and his shuffling is so considerably lesser.

Nonetheless conscious of the progressive nature of this illness, it is just inspiring to see this quite soft-spoken, type-hearted, intelligent and talented person overcome straightforward every day functional obstacles triggered by this debilitating and irreversible illness.

For the population afflicted with debilitating illnesses, a day to day victory of getting in a position to move about and carry out tasks that appear so trivial to most of us, is a blessing.

Legalizing health-related marijuana presently is, and will be an ongoing battle in congress. We all have varying stands and sturdy opinions about this situation. Researches are ongoing about its pros and cons. I foresee a lot more awareness of its existence as an option remedy to numerous illnesses who do not respond to traditional medicine and remedy.

As a health-related qualified even so, it is just fulfilling to be in a position to witness the functional alterations in Mr. J., how he is in a position to remain independent and self enough his personal injury.

I am presently operating on obtaining an person who can share with me the adverse effects of health-related marijuana as effectively. I would like to hear from you and be in a position to share your journey and practical experience as effectively, anonymously, of course.

Please attain out to me if you have some thing to share.

My greetings for a great day and till my subsequent short article!