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AUTHOR: Mark Taylor


Cyprus has legalised the cultivation and use of medicinal cannabis domestically following a government vote on February 15.

Members authorized 30 to 18 to enable increasing, importing and exporting, and for folks to possess and use medicinal cannabis.

Amendment have been produced to the Drugs and Psychotropic Substances law, which permits the import of cannabis seeds and cannabis plants for cultivation purposes, as effectively as regulating licenses to be issued.

A new legislative framework was also adopted by MPs, regulating cultivation, production, import and export of pharmaceutical cannabis and its use for in healthcare analysis, production of pharmaceuticals and the free of charge prescription of pharmaceutical cannabis to eligible sufferers.

The amendment to the drug law was passed with 34 votes in favour and 18 against.

“We hope that the course of action will be launched right away for hundreds of sufferers in search of an option, non-chemical way to handle their wellness troubles,” mentioned Cyprus’ Green Celebration. “Although we had proposed a lot of a lot more improvements to this legislation, we think that the road opens for healthcare cannabis in Cyprus.”

The Greens cited current developments in the European Parliament, which is the European Union’s straight elected legislative, to formally introduce a framework for medicinal cannabis across the bloc.

“The resolution urges the European Commission and the Member States to address the legislative, financial and cultural barriers that hamper scientific analysis in the field when encouraging them to finance such analysis,” a statement by the Green Celebration mentioned.

The primary opposition celebration AKEL MPs and extremists ELAM voted against the bill.

AKEL MP Irene Charalambides MP mentioned: “We could not vote for a law that permits for private cannabis plantations, the moment the police has officially mentioned that they will not be in a position to monitor them.”

She added: “As usual, in Cyprus, we have place the cart prior to the horse. We have not studied what other nations have carried out with regards to monitoring these plantations.”

The AKEL MP mentioned there is a significant issue with drugs in schools, and the nation need to monitor closely whom gets licenses and will oversee their distribution.

According to the law, just 3 producers will be offered licenses for the very first 15 years, as the government believes this will only attract financially sound organizations with worldwide practical experience in the field of cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis.

In other European states with related stipulations on excellent manage, such as Germany, the raised requirements have permitted knowledgeable Canadian firms to get a robust foothold.

The Cypriot government mentioned it would give such firms partial exclusivity of cultivation and the production of medicinal cannabis for the extended term, in a bid to motivate.

It mentioned the licensing of only 3 producers is also advised for motives of security and effectiveness, so that cannabis does not finish up in the illicit marketplace or in illegal use.

Medicinal cannabis will be offered on prescription to sufferers suffering from chronic painful circumstances linked with, amongst other folks, cancer, HIV, degenerative illnesses of the motor method, rheumatism, neuropathy and glaucoma.

It will also be offered to sufferers of Tourette’s syndrome and Crohn’s illness.

Speaking to neighborhood media, the head of the Pharmaceutical Solutions division inside Cyprus’ Ministry of Well being, Louis Panayi mentioned: “Patients will be supplied with medicinal cannabis by pharmacies upon presentation of a prescription from a specialist doctor. This course of action guarantees that sufferers will acquire excellent cannabis, below the supervision of a specialist, avoiding the require to acquire cannabis of dubious excellent from the illegal marketplace.”

Panayi also mentioned the Cypriot economy would delight in a considerable increase from the production, distribution and exporting of the medicinal marijuana grown in Cyprus. He expects that exports of medicinal cannabis will be vast considering the fact that the worldwide marketplace for the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis is nonetheless young.

Though 1 of the smallest EU states with a population of 1.18m, Cyprus feels it has a comparative benefit more than a lot more knowledgeable cannabis-making nations such as the Netherlands due to its perfect climatic circumstances and its extended periods of sunshine. And as opposed to Israel, a further region pumping sources into medicinal cannabis analysis, Cyprus is aspect of the EU single marketplace, permitting firms to base there and passport solutions across the bloc without the need of getting to repeat a lot of regulatory checks.

According to estimates, Cyprus may possibly create £204m worth of medicinal cannabis each year.

Panayi that the state is to see a considerable profit. “It is estimated that in a greenhouse of 20 hectares of land, about 20,000 cannabis plants can be grown… an estimated 9,000 Kg of dry cannabis can be made in such a greenhouse. The export cost of medicinal cannabis amounts to €7,400 ($eight,400) per kilo. In other words, in such a greenhouse, quantities of medicinal cannabis worth €66.6m ($75.6m) can be grown and made for each 150 days – the period it requires for cultivation and production – for exporting.

The price of production amounts to €9.9m ($11.25m), when the profit for the state amounts to €56.7m ($64.4m),” mentioned Panayi.

Also commenting on the bill, prior to its approval, Antonis Tryfonos, the coordinator of the Psycho-Social Assistance Solutions of the Cyprus Association of Cancer Individuals and Good friends PASIKAF, mentioned that medicinal cannabis gives relief to a lot of sufferers and could replace other opioids which are utilised at a terminal stage.

“Opioids, such as morphine, utilised by sufferers primarily sedates the patient, diminishing what ever excellent of life the patient may possibly have,” mentioned Tryfonos.

He mentioned that, even though it is not a remedy, a quantity of sufferers who have taken medicinal cannabis discovered that it drastically enhanced the excellent of their lives.

“As a society, we need to not be afraid of medicinal cannabis and we need to deliver right coaching to our healthcare employees.”

“We are not against the introduction of medicinal cannabis. Rather the contrary we are all for it. We just think that we need to have began with the approval of import and then consider about becoming producers and exporters”