Sour Diesel


A different of the best 10 marijuana strains in terms of recognition, and it&#8217s uncomplicated to see why. Sour Diesel does invigoration properly, and it&#8217s develop into virtually legendary in that regard.

The effects are quick acting, providing an energizing, virtually dreamy cerebral impact. This flower is amazing for reliving strain, discomfort, and depression and offering an all round sense of calm. The terpene profile is heavy on pinene and myrcene.

Sour Diesel isn&#8217t identified for the fruity aroma of some of the other common strains. The scent is far more akin to diesel fuel, but with a good hint of lemon. Don&#8217t let the smell fool you, this is amazing marijuana.

Aurora produces 1 of the greatest examples of Sour Diesel we&#8217ve ever attempted, and it&#8217s grown appropriate right here in Alberta. Aphria also has a respectable flower in their Kusawa.


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