Fake CCELL Cartridges – How To Inform If Your Cartridge is Genuine


CCELL cartridges have turn out to be the most identified and utilised cartridge that a lot of organizations use to fill in their distillate. Due to the fact of this, producers replicated this hardware and sell in bulk to men and women on the streets rather than licensed dispensaries.

Firms, for instance Dank Vapes, Cereal Carts or Roots Extracts use genuine CCELL’s. If you ever encounter any fake CCELL Cartridges, than the oil you are smoking may be unknown and dangerous. Not to say that legit organizations have not come up dirty in pesticide and solvent tests either. Right here, we show how to determine and differentiate among genuine and fake CCELL cartridges.

Producers are developing identical duplicates and not only promoting them empty, but also with fake branded cartridges. Distributors sell these cartridges anyplace on line, enabling men and women to fill it up with untested and skeptical distillate. Even though often it might be really hard to inform, some cartridges might appear specifically the very same as the legit ones.

But do not be fooled, some of these identifiers are quite compact and subtle to inform. It took a whilst to determine, but following numerous cartridges, we have been ultimately capable to inform them apart. Bear in mind, even the tiniest detail can inform apart from all of these fakes and actual carts.

Prior to we determine these counterfeits, here’s a list of organizations that use CCELL Cartridges:

These are just a couple of organizations, as we uncover additional we’ll hold updating this list.

They really should have all 3 stamps engraved on the bottom of the cartridge

Genuine CCELL cartridges really should usually have these 3 stamps engraved to them.

Each and every cartridge has 3 one of a kind stamps engraved on the bottom of it. A CCELL logo, a K stamp and a serial quantity as effectively. None of these 3 really should be missing nor misplaced. Moreover, this engraved stamp really should not appear oddly substantial or have a light colour. If you see that your stamp has a unique font size or style than the original carts, it is most likely a fake CCELL.

Fonts really should not be unique size, colour or misplaced at all

fake ccell cartrieges
Fonts really should not differ in style compared to legit CCELL’s

As pointed out earlier, none of these stamps really should appear unique than the genuine itself. The stamps really should in no way be a sticker, usually engraved. Also legit ones really should not have a white plastic circle underneath the cartridge.

fake ccell cartridges
@Dankvapesofficialaccount located a fake CCELL cartridge with drastically vibrant font colors.

The length of this cartridge really should not be to unique sized than the original

fake ccell cartridges
If you have a actual CCELL cartridge, than just evaluate it with the length size.

This might be a bit really hard to inform if you do not have an original cartridge side by side. But some thing I noticed is that with these fake CCELL cartridges, they are either also wide or also thin. Every single single genuine CCELL I had lined up have been the very same length as every other. Whereas, all the fake ones had odd and unique size in length.

Fake CCELL Cartridges use weak atomizers

fake ccell cartridges
Even though it didn’t drawback any oil, it would nonetheless hit light and weak. Also no genuine CCELL has ever carried out this with the mouthpiece in my expertise.

Once more, this will be tough to inform for a lot of men and women, but these fake cartridges do include a weak atomizer. I didn’t even understand at 1st, but each hit I took would usually be weak and light. I also noticed that it would collect reclaim inside the mouth piece itself. Which is strange, since each genuine cartridge I would get in no way did this nor give also light of a hit.

Not only that, but genuine carts have four holes on the inside of the cartridge itself. This is for the airflow, which is why these carts are one of a kind and utilised frequently. From our expertise, each CCELL cartridge really should have four holes to them, no additional, no significantly less.

real ccell cartridges
If there’s three or more than four holes inside the cartridge it is most likely a fake CCELL cart.

Mouth piece is compressed on plastic best carts, screw on with ceramic best carts

Plastic best CCELL cartridges have the mouth piece compressed on. Every single time I picked up a Dank Vapes cartridge, they would in no way have screw on mouth piece, usually sealed. I’ve pulled off the mouth piece numerous instances with legit ones, and only did so effectively utilizing pliers. There was a time exactly where the mouth piece came off conveniently, but it turned out to be a fake Dank Vapes. Shown beneath is a fake disarmed, this is the 1 exactly where I pulled the mouth piece off with ease.

fake ccell cartridges
A thing strange I noticed when disarming this fake is how the metal component detached from the mouth piece. Every single genuine CCELL in no way did that when I disarmed it.

Cartridges really should not come broken or malfunctioning

fake ccell cartridges damaged
This 1 cartridge I picked up came in cracked, ahead of I even took it out of the package.

It really should be noted that this cartridge really should in no way come cracked, leaking or broken what so ever. CCELL is identified for their effectively created and one of a kind cartridges. It is 1 issue if you drop and crack it. But if it currently comes like that and has 1 or additional indicators of it becoming fake, than you really should watch for it. Of course this might be an accident on shipping or the organizations that use them. Leaking is an additional sign of a fake CCELL, these cartridges are construct to not definitely be leaking, but sometimes it can occur. Failures are also not prevalent for actual CCELL carts. If you have a lot of carts receiving failures that appear like they are CCELLs, additional probably they are fake than actual.

ccell cartridge
Often watch if your cart includes this plastic white cover ahead of opening and consuming.

Apart from this, every cartridge really should have the bottom plastic cover on it, like the cartridge shown above. Moreover, this also might be at fault of the organizations finish once more if it is not on. But in my expertise, I’ve in no way received a CCELL or any cart for that matter without the need of this plastic cover.

There are also a lot of fake CCELL cartridges and general fake brands promoting low high quality oil. These fakes, contaminated with dozens of pesticides are getting men and women distrust and sketched out about consuming cartridges. With the way the cannabis sector is moving, cartridges are becoming additional and additional identified and common. These carts are not suppose to be suspicious to smoke like a lot of worry. As usually make certain your goods are coming from a licensed dispensary or a dependable supply.


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