The Week in Weed: February 22, 2019


Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday appear at what’s taking place in the planet of legalized marijuana.

Beginning off in the international sphere, the European Parliament has passed a resolution recommending the descheduling of cannabis.  The hope is that this could lead to the establishment of bloc-wide health-related marijuana laws.

In South Korea, health-related marijuana will be legalized in March.

Amongst the states moving towards legalization of cannabis or health-related cannabis are: Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Vermont (which at present has a “DC-style” technique: you can develop it and you can use it, but you can not purchase it or sell it).

New Jersey’s move to legalize had been held up by tax considerations.  Now that these have been worked out, appear for a bill to be introduced in the legislature in the close to future.

The New Mexico Senate has authorized a bill allowing the use of health-related marijuana in schools.  The legislation now moves to the Home.

Lawmakers from Maryland have formed a bipartisan group to study legalizing recreational cannabis in 2020.  The state at present permits the use of health-related marijuana, which has generated $100 million in sales in its very first year.

And speaking of sales, Pennsylvania’s health-related cannabis plan brought in $132 million in its very first year.

1 of the issues facing cannabis businesses  is the lack of access to economic solutions.  Alaska’s Credit Union 1 seeks to modify that subsequent month.

The United Parcel Service is significantly less than satisfied more than the logo applied by United Pot Smokers.  The very first UPS is suing the second UPS in federal court for trademark infringement.  If Higher Occasions suggests it is time to drop the “sassy parody brands,” it in all probability is…

Ultimately, from the “I Could Have Told You That” files, researches have found a correlation involving recreational marijuana laws and junk meals sales.


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