Rainbow and Glitter Cannabis Accessories


A unicorn is a uncommon specimen: Elusive and undefinable, you can spot them as they wiggle and bounce by way of a crowd. But regardless of how you spot them, bold and spicy unicorns are people that reside life to the fullest—often celebrating their freedom by way of different types of inventive expression.

Try to dissuade me if you will, but I argue that one particular of these types of inventive expression is glitter and these who put on it are blessed with magical powers. These are my preferred accessories and infused treats to enable me bring out my (and your) inner unicorn.

Sunny Daze CBD Sun Cream by Felix &amp Ambrosia

(Courtesy of Felix and Ambrosia)

Price tag: $7.50—$20

I honestly can not think I’m typing these words, but there’s a such issue as a glittery CBD sunscreen. Created by Felix &amp Ambrosia, Sunny Daze CBD Sun Cream makes use of broad-spectrum CBD along with naturally biodegradable plant-primarily based glitter to yield merchandise that are eco-friendly and vegan. A lot like a moth to a flame, this is a wonderful confident way to attract every person to your shiny face at a concert or festival.

The Fairly Trippy Shop on Etsy


Etsy’s Fairly Trippy Shop is LIT. It is, by far, one particular of my preferred Etsy retailers for unicorn-associated points. I assure you, it is not possible to take one particular appear at this gorgeous holographic rolling tray set without the need of breaking into a smile complete of childlike wonder. You get one particular stainless steel tray plus a six pack of unicorn made cones, a glass stash jar, and holographic Bic mini. If the tray is sold out, request an alert for when it is back in stock.

Rainbow &amp Glitter Accessories from Horny Stoner

(Courtesy of Horny Stoner)

Goodness me exactly where has Horny Stoner been all my life? This sassy, attractive brand is placing a entire new spin on the way we feel of cannabis accessories. Confident, they sell your fundamentals like this magical Rainbow Twisty Blunt Pipe along with this Rainbow Titanium Crystal Pipe and Diamond Ashtray … but then once more, they also sell extra adult-themed products like a bondage kit for newbies. You should really absolutely also peek their Holographic Freezable Liquid Pipe.

Glitter Cannabis Bong Stickers from RedBubble

(Courtesy of RedBubble)

Price tag: $two.60 

Your bong could use a tiny extra appreciate. Give it the focus it deserves with a spiffy tiny makeover. These Glittery Cannabis Stickers are ideal for any piece to spruce up your most reputable glass pieces with a hint of further cuteness.

Glitter Grinder by OGStashJars on Etsy


Price tag: $25.99+

This is one particular of these pieces you purchase that you finish up staring at for 20 minutes basically mainly because it is just so sparkly. This Glitter Grinder holographic and glittery and has 4 layers such as a kief catcher underneath. There are just so lots of customization choices to select from, such as the Opal Holographic with glitter (my leading option for the most fab grinder achievable).

StayLitDesign Shop on Etsy


There’s a lot of beautiful, glittery appreciate to be discovered at StayLitDesign. From grinders emblazoned with glittery, pink cannabis flowers to opalescent threaded batteries and beyond, there’s a tiny anything for every person to love. Personally, I’m a massive fan of the 510 Threaded Battery Pastel Vinyl Decal but you can normally opt for a extra glittery version, as well.


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