Oregon Has A lot more Legal Cannabis Than the State Can Consume in Six Years


In 2018, Oregon’s legal marijuana producers grew extra than twice as considerably as was legally consumed, top to an oversupply that has six.five years’ worth of cannabis, measured by the psychoactive compound THC, on the shelves at dispensaries and wholesale distributors.

The most current information from Oregon, which adopted its legal regime in 2014, was released this week (pdf) by researchers functioning for Oregon’s Liquor Manage Commission, which closely regulates cannabis from production to distribution.

Researchers see the marked oversupply as a win, due to the fact it suggests that legally grown cannabis is not leaking out into the black industry. In 2018, legal producers in the state grew two,000 tons of “wet” marijuana—product that is trimmed and dried ahead of becoming sold or employed to generate THC- or CBD-infused items.

– Study the whole write-up at Quartz.


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