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Brass Knuckles Napalm OG turned out to be a fairly disappointing cartridge. I currently know coming into the cartridge that Brass Knuckles was applying incredibly old hardware. The technologies they’re applying is from a couple of years ago. I also went a step additional and even took the oil and place it into a CCELL cartridge to see how helpful the oil was. When I created the hardware adjust, Brass Knuckles was substantially stronger. General it appears like Brass Knuckles has some possible if they update their hardware.


  • Oil was superior when place into one more cartridge
  • Has had prior problems failing pesticides test
  • Pricey
  • Oil not that robust
  • Outdated hardware
Suggestions: Make the oil stronger and use superior hardware. Would be excellent to see some much more independent tests of Brass Knuckles.

I have now attempted Brass Knuckles in each California and Nevada. In CA even though I can’t be positive 100% it was not a fake. Also we updated our primary Brass Knuckles overview to involve its ranking compared to other THC cartridges we have now attempted.

I not too long ago picked up this Napalm OG in Nevada simply because the likelihood that there is a pesticide concern is substantially much less in Nevada than it is in California. On that list, you will locate preceding failures for Brass Knuckles. Some time just after truly finishing use of this cartridge I noticed it was not restocked Essence on West Tropicana.

General, the Brass Knuckles cartridge proved to have somewhat decent oil inside. But nowhere close to the finest and under typical compared to other cartridges readily available in California and Nevada.

Appear for strain stickers. Devoid of that it is a fake (amongst other probable things).

The develop excellent is feels strong on the Brass Knuckles cartridge but it broke down

Develop excellent on the Brass Knuckles cartridge seems to be very good initially. But you will locate out that they typically break as mine did at a later date. The hardware on this has poor reliability and this is noted all more than the web. And there it is provided a low constructed excellent score.

Style is outdated and could use an upgrade

The design and style of Brass Knuckles cartridge is a coil primarily based cartridge. This is an antiquated method. The preferred approach out there for most folks is a ceramic core cartridge like the ones located in CCELL cartridges.

Oil excellent right here is just okay

Practically nothing super particular about it and it seemed to me like a regular distillate you would locate in quite a few other cartridges. A tiny under typical but not terrible.

brass knuckles napalm og cannabis vape cartridge
The original cartridge held back the oil.

Brass Knuckles Napalm OG was not incredibly robust

The strength of the cartridge was extremely weak. When compared to other cartridges readily available in Las Vegas, strength came in weak. If I picked any cartridge off the shelf, way much more probably than not it would be stronger than Brass Knuckles cartridge. Aspect of that is due to the hardware. The hardware just does not hit that difficult. Second, there is also a limit on the THC percentage for 1 gram cartridges in Nevada. It is either 80% or 85%. But that is why you will locate half gram cartridges have substantially greater THC percentages. I even took the oil and place it into a CCELL cartridge to see if it was robust. The hardware is unquestionably holding it back. Even so, the oil was nonetheless not as robust as that readily available from other brands such as Roots and Airo Pro.

brass knuckles napalm og cannabis cartridge
Brass Knuckles Napalm OG Packaging

Metallic taste in original hardware but fairly very good when transferred to a CCELL cartridge.

The taste was fairly very good when it is in a distinctive cartridge. Initially, the taste of the Brass Knuckles cartridge gave a type of metallic taste. Not till I place the oil in one more cartridge that I genuinely see what the oil tastes like. Even so, if you judge the cartridge as is simply because folks are not taking the oil and transferring it to some other cartridge. I am just noting this simply because I want you to know that the hardware genuinely holds back the taste right here. The taste was truly fairly very good when it is in a CCELL cartridge. Certainly above typical possibly in the major 10 % of taste. Even so, the original hardware provides that metallic taste. Primarily based on how it is, it squares poorly on taste right here.

The cartridge is not effective simply because it broke

The cartridge broke with about possibly a third of the oil was left in it. I do not take into consideration that effective simply because it broke. This cartridge has had reliability problems prior to and Brass Knuckles genuinely must upgrade their hardware

The quantity of puffs is also restricted by the hardware failing

It does appear like the oil lasts pretty properly even though. It is a decent thickness. When I switched it to the CCELL cartridge that cartridge got a lot of puffs out of it. I nonetheless did not comprehensive it all the way simply because honestly I have superior oils to use. And, I’d rather hit them all the way. Brass Knuckles sits in the shelf. If I run out of all the things else, I hit the leftover Brass Knuckles oil in the CCELL cartridge.

brass knuckles napalm og cannabis vape cartridge
Brass Knuckles Napalm OG

The worth was terrible for Brass Knuckles cartridge given that it expenses way much more than competitors and delivers much less strength

I ought to also mention that costs in Nevada are usually greater than in California and other states. Even so, the cost per cartridge was way greater. I got this from a dispensary named Pisos in Las Vegas and they have been charging $120 for a 1 gram cartridge. Fortunately, I had a discount pass from going to the MJBizcon and they gave me a third off. Though they have been readily available at Essence Tropicana West, they have been $85 for 1g cartridge which is substantially reduced. Even so, even at $85 it is not worth it. At the exact same dispensary, I would substantially rather get two Roots cartridges for $90. Not only that it lasts a lot longer, they also are stronger, tastes superior and use superior hardware. Quite substantially all the things about Roots is superior. In California, if you are seeking for an option to Brass Knuckles, verify out Airo Pro, Kurvana ASCND  and Choose Elite.

Concluding our Brass Knuckles Napalm OG review…

Brass Knuckles lives up to the reputation it has amongst folks that have attempted a lot of cartridges. General a poor excellent solution that is just heavily advertised and pushed with celebrity endorsement. Hopefully Brass Knuckles can turn points about and make superior cartridges in the future. They must invest much more into their hardware alternatively of billboards. You can discover much more facts about Brass Knuckles OG cartridges on their website here.

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