Is Microdosing The Future of Marijuana?

The creator of LSD, Dr. Albert Hofmann, believed that ingesting tiny amounts of the drug could have therapeutic worth, and so-named “microdoses” have given that been proposed as a substitute for almost everything from Adderall to marriage counseling. Now, as far more states legalize marijuana, the trend that started with hallucinogens has grown to consist of microdoses of THC, the major psychoactive ingredient in weed.

VICE News traveled to Portland, Oregon, to meet Ethan Ernest, creator of marijuana microdose tablets named Mirth Handle, which include a fraction of the THC identified in a standard joint or batch of edibles. Earnest compares Mirth Handle to “open-supply Xanax. Other merchandise in the new weed microdosing category push the envelope even additional with recommendations about purported health-related utilizes.

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