Investigators Confirm THC In Middle College Valentine’s Day Treats


Fulton County Schools Police Division (FCS) and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) have released the initial outcomes of an investigation concerning an incident that occurred on February 14, at Sandtown Middle College in Atlanta.

Twenty-eight students from the college have been treated at region hospitals on Valentine’s Day just after complaining of nausea, disorientation, and hallucinations. FCS reported that the students had consumed heart-shaped lollipops, Rice Krispy treats, and other snacks throughout the day.

“The GBI test lab has offered confirmation that THC (a chemical compound of cannabis/marijuana) was identified in one particular of the samples from Sandtown Middle College,” mentioned FCS Division of Security and Safety executive director Dr. Shannon Flounnory. “This is an ongoing investigation, but FCS wanted to supply this information and facts to the parents and neighborhood as quickly as it was obtainable and confirm what we know at this point.”

According to a statement released by GBI, they detected the presence of THC on an item that had the look of cereal. The GBI Crime Lab will continue to make a total evaluation of all things associated to the incident.

“The FCS Student Code of Conduct especially prohibits possession of unauthorized intoxicants on campus,” mentioned Dr. Flounnory. “We will investigate this completely and will see this by means of to the fullest extent doable.”

In a statement released Thursday by Sandtown Middle College principal Estella Cook, she mentioned that they are functioning with FCS to help in the ongoing investigation although they can’t supply any information and facts concerning the identity of suspects or prospective actions against them due to federal privacy laws for students.



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