Do not Worry the Pot Shop – Coming to a Town Close to You!


Do not Worry the Pot Shop – Coming to a Town Close to You!

I not too long ago study a weblog about a guy who was ranting about pot shops coming to his town. Of course, you would anticipate the common effectively-refined anti-cannabis rhetoric spewed by folks who do not realize the very first factor about marijuana. Having said that, I discovered this a widespread theme in quite a few compact towns all more than the US.

Just about every time a State legalizes cannabis, some towns huddle with each other to ‘ban marijuana stores’ and…I guess…stay pure?

They opt out of a new sector that could create a lot more jobs and possibilities to their communities basically out of the “fear of the unknown.”

You cannot blame them. Decades of conditioning has left their capability to cause beyond the propaganda and see the inconsistencies in their personal belief systems. They blindly accept the legal consumption and sale of drugs that are a hundred instances a lot more dangerous than marijuana, however go into a wild frenzy when they take into consideration that a “pot shop” may well be erected appropriate about the corner.

But why the irrational worry of a Pot Shop? And why not the related outrage more than a drug that is accountable for up to 40% of all violent crimes?


Let’s attempt to get into their heads…

Just before we can totally dive into the heads of folks who so adamantly are against a plant, we have to very first attempt to figure out the profile of the typical “town folk”. With no searching at median age, sex, political affiliations and the like…we can all agree that a sense of “community” is most likely larger than in larger cities.

This could be a cause why there is such a push back against weed. Getting told for almost 100 years that cannabis is poor, it creates violence and the likes…it poses a direct threat to the notion of “community”. Who would want to place their good friends and neighbors at the whims of drug-riddled addicts wandering the streets to “Inject their marijuana?”

They are protective of “the youngsters.” Keeping town traditions and maintaining points basic. The commerce of cannabis poses a danger to ‘their way of life’. Or at least this is what they think [according to me of course].

I do not make this assumption lightly either. I have spent a lot of instances traveling via compact and major towns. There is a pulse to it. You can quickly determine who are “true born” and who got there later and typically the “true born” are the folks with most actual estate.

Bringing in cannabis consumption poses numerous issues for this kind of considering. But if you reside in a compact or even substantial town…let me place your thoughts at ease.

Cannabis shops will not disrupt your way of life. It will not create crime or degrade your communities. At the quite least, not a lot more than your preferred drug…alcohol.


Why accept one particular but not the other…

Let’s face it. The argument that you do not want cannabis retailers in your town for the reason that you want it out of the hands of youngsters is not going to hold up. Beneath that reasoning, children must be capable to get their hands on alcohol with extraordinary ease. Accept, this is not correct.

Youngsters cannot just stroll into any shop and purchase booze. Why would this be various in a legally sanctioned shop that demands to sustain state compliance? In reality, taking cannabis off the streets and into a legal venue will make it tougher for children to get their hands on pot.

And if you are actually worried about the children and nonetheless require a lot more assurance…just punish these who would sell to youngsters. There is no require to punish legally consenting adults.

There are strategies to have each cannabis shops and sensible laws. Having said that, if it is not about the kids…then what is it about?

Are you worried about larger site visitors fatalities? Statistical information suggests that there is not actually a substantial modify in site visitors fatalities prior to and following legalization. Whilst it is correct that it is tougher to detect impairment with cannabis, most cannabis customers do not like to go out and drive about like with alcohol.

Exactly where alcohol is a lot more of a “get up and rage” drug…cannabis is a lot more along the “Netflix and chill” or “let’s go for a hike in the mountains” kind of drug.

The query I basically ask to any one out there on the fence about permitting marijuana retailers in their town is the following “If there was a marijuana shop in your town, would you purchase weed?” If no, “would it matter to you if yet another adult buys weed and smokes it at property?” How would that effect your life in any matter whatsoever.

There are normally unintended consequences to every thing we do. I’m not saying that marijuana will be total bliss and space ponies, of course there will be some folks who basically will not be capable to manage it. But these folks are the minority.

The vast majority of the people in your town that smoke weed…already do. As an alternative of them paying some low level drug dealer, their cannabis purchases could go to support the town via taxation.

Do not worry the pot shop…it’s just modify. And yes, modify can be scary, but it takes place no matter whether you like it or not.


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