CO Dept of Agriculture: Licenses, Registration & Renewals Update


As a courtesy to our Registrants we want to send a reminder to send in your application properly in advance of your expiration date must you decide on to re-register your land location when your present registration expires. 


Due to improved volume,  We are recommending that you send in your application about 60 days ahead of your expiration date  to assure that you do not have a lapse that final results in a  ILLEGAL  develop for the time period in amongst expiration and your new registration being issued.  

You can plant below your present registration, but if you will not harvest prior to expiration, then your crop will not be afforded the protections of the plan if your new registration is not issued in time to stay clear of a lapse. 


We can not expedite applications. Tright here are roughly 1000 registrations expiring in the coming three-four months, and record numbers of new registrants joining the plan.  Everybody is equally anxious to plant, and a lot of will be in the similar scenario of possessing expiring registrations that they do not want to lapse.  We will procedure all applications in the order that we acquire them.  There are no brief-cuts to the application procedure for people today that have been in the plan prior to. We can not “re-use” your preceding years application, maps, or any other documents. State legislation calls for that you re-apply each and every year. 


Please study the following Quite Crucial data
(Also located on our Regularly Asked Concerns)
We recommend you take the time to assessment the updated FAQ’s posted to our website 
on the Common Data web page. 



No, Industrial hemp registrations expire 365 days right after issuance. Registration do not renew.

According to State legislation, you will will need to reapply for an industrial hemp registration annually by submitting a new application and applicable costs. It is extremely encouraged that you submit your application at least 60 days prior to the expiration date of your present registration or you might have a lapse. Due to volume, and all applicants getting equally anxious to acquire their registration, we are unable to expedite the processing. It will most likely take about 45+ days to procedure any application. We can not transfer preceding year’s data more than into your new application for you. We can not use the similar map from your preceding file. Even if none of your data or registered land location has changed a new application is expected annually. Please be certain to print the most current version of the application types our our web site when applying. We update our types each and every year to preserve present with altering guidelines and legislation. Old types might be returned.


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