Cleaning Your Rip Ranger Pipe


How to take a portion and clean your pipe. Incredibly simple cleaning! 

Rip Ranger&#x2122 is a 1-handed pistol grip pipe and lighter mixture, for use with pipe and cigarette tobacco. Created of robust ABS plastic and stands five inches tall. It makes use of the most well-known Bic&#x2122 oval lighter (with the white caution label left on). Now you do not have to use two hands any longer, your other hand is no cost to do so a lot of other points safely, no extra burning your fingertips, you can light it blindfolded and it is an solution for the handicapped smoker. No extra fumbling with points in each hands. Firm, comfy, simple to use and clean. The grip can be painted or build your personal style on it. The Rip Ranger is a wise smoker, tobacco burns slower and cleaner by containing the hot ambers. Your tobacco does not go idly wasted up in smoke. A good function in these highly-priced instances. Comes with directions. Glass blunts can be replaced, see dealer. Cautiously hand-assembled in Alaska.

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