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A New Way to Handle Your Pages on the WordPress Mobile Apps

An update to WordPress for iOS and Android.

We’ve produced a smaller alter to the WordPress mobile apps to make it less difficult for you to navigate and edit your pages. In earlier versions of WordPress for iOS and Android, your pages have been ordered by the date they have been designed as opposed to what your actual web page hierarchy appears like on your internet site. Customers told us they identified it tough to uncover the web page they have been searching to edit, so we’ve now updated this section to match the layout of your web page.

Here’s how to attempt it out

Initially, make positive you have updated your WordPress app to the final version. Open the app, go to the My Website section, pick a web page and then pick Website Pages.

If a web page has one particular or a lot more kid pages, the new layout represents the hierarchical view utilizing an indentation on the left. If a web page is a leading level web page, it will not be indented.

Set a parent web page

To set a parent web page or a leading level web page, click on the [3 dots menu] on the ideal of the web page you want to edit, then select Set Parent. The app will show you the list of the obtainable pages and the Prime level option. You can use the search bar at the leading to quickly uncover the web page you are searching for. Pick the choice you need and tap the Accomplished button.

Send feedback

The WordPress mobile apps are free of charge and obtainable on each Android and iOS. If you have any concerns or feedback, attain out to our in-app help group by tapping Me → Aid &amp Assistance → Speak to Us. If you are a developer and would like to contribute to the project, study how you can get involved. Delight in!


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