Legislation Filed in Virginia to Legalize Marijuana


A legislative proposal that would legalize marijuana for these 21 and older, although decriminalizing it for these beneath 21, has been filed in Virginia’s Property of Representatives.

Property Bill 2371 was filed by Delegate Steve Heretick (D) along with 4 cosponsors. The measure would eliminate all criminal penalties for the individual possession of marijuana for these 21 and older, although legalizing marijuana retail outlets. These outlets would be taxed at 9.7% in addition to the state’s present sales tax. About two/3rds of the tax income would go to the basic fund, with the remainder going to public education.

According to the bill’s official summary, it “also decriminalizes marijuana possession for persons beneath 21 years of age and supplies a civil penalty of no extra than $50 for a 1st violation, $100 for a second violation, and $250 for a third or subsequent violation.”

A separate but related legalization measure, Property Bill 2373, was also filed not too long ago in the Virginia Property of Representatives. Both Property Bill 2373 and Property Bill 2371 have been assigned to the Committee for Courts of Justice Subcommittee #1.

For the complete text of Property Bill 2371, click here – for Property Bill 2373, click right here.


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