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Music and marijuana go excellent collectively for the reason that of the way cannabis assists us connect to the music on a substantially deeper level. Regardless of whether its sound waves pulsing by means of the physique or lyrics piercing the soul, absorbing music by means of the lens of a THC buzz is an practical experience to behold. And if Michael Melchiondo, a.k.a. Dean Ween, has his way, that chance is about to get a lot much easier.

According to the Denver Post, the alt superstar (and half of my favored stoner music group, Ween) plans to establish a 420-friendly venue that will be made use of for wellness education in the course of the day and 420-friendly concerts, film and comedy performances in the evenings.


420 Friendly Venue Particulars


The proposed venue will be referred to as “Dean Ween’s Honeypot Lounge” and will be directed by Dean Ween himself. Very best of all, members of Ween will make common appearances at the venue events which indicates Denver’s music scene is about to get even far better. Although the certain place has but to be determined, anticipate the venue – must it pass city ordinances – to be situated close to Coors Field in downtown Denver.


If anything goes smoothly, the venue is expecting to debut on April 20, 2019.


With the passing of Denver’s Initiative 300 back in November of 2016, cannabis-friendly occasion spaces and social clubs have technically been legal. Nonetheless, there are only couple of 420-friendly lounges in Colorado and they have a tendency to operate in a quite mellow, low-essential sort of way. For instance, the Coffee Joint, situated just east of I-25, is, you guessed it, a coffee shop that lets you smoke weed in their shop. Wonderful for a friendly convo and enjoying some cannabis, not so substantially for a melt-your-face musical overall performance.


If Dean Ween’s Honeypot Lounge opens, adults of age will be in a position to consume and share cannabis with other adults.

Although the proposed venue may well enable for bigger gatherings and additional publicly accessible cannabis consumption, there will nevertheless be some stipulations that ought to be adhered to. For instance, the venue would not be permitted to sell alcohol or cannabis, even though attendees could bring their personal cannabis solutions and consume and share them (as extended as no income is exchanged) with no getting to dodge safety. The venue would be a 21+ establishment as all events, irrespective of whether educational or entertaining, would enable cannabis consumption on the premises.


Motivation to Open a 420 Friendly Venue


Melchiondo has been producing music for the cannabis neighborhood with his fantastic buddy, Aaron Freeman (Gene Ween) given that the early 90’s with songs like Puffy Cloud and How Higher Can You Fly, so it is no wonder they’d want a 420-friendly venue to assistance comprehensive their musical practical experience. In truth, 1 of the key motives the duo frequents Colorado is for the reason that of the state’s liberal stance on cannabis consumption. In a 2010 interview, Melchiondo told Westward that it was the “pot-smoking hippies” that created Denver and Boulder favored tour stops for them. Or additional particularly, the artistic neighborhood that takes place to be wealthy in cannabis buyers.


Ween has been a massive draw for cannabis buyers for pretty some time. photo credit

Melchiondo considers himself to be element of that neighborhood and tends to make music geared toward the “stoner” demographic. “We take persons on a ride,” he told Nashville Cream in 2011. “We do quiet sequences and then truly rocking sequences, so it naturally builds to a conclusion.” This, he believes, is why so numerous fans from so numerous distinct backgrounds flock to their shows: for the reason that they all like weed which tends to make their reside performances all the additional thrilling. And when (if) his new Honeypot Lounge opens, “So Lots of People today in the Neighborhood” will understand just how amazing “Great Sound” truly is.

Two of my favored issues in the planet are marijuana and music and with the establishment of Dean Ween’s Honeypot Lounge set to open up subsequent year, these two activities are about to get a complete lot far better.

Who would you most like to see execute in Dean Ween’s new 420-friendly concert venue?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (license)


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